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  1. I brought the AnimEigo 9 disk box set back in 2001 and it was seriously expensive then, but somehow price didn't seem to matter when I was at an anime convention. Then at the end of the month I got my credit card bill, and Macross wasn't the only thing I brought at that convention.
  2. I don't know the characters, but that's a really impressive wallpaper.
  3. Currently I have to buy every series I want to watch as my Internet connection isn't fast enough for streaming, but I'm planning on getting it upgraded next month so when it's all set up and running I'll investigate some streaming sites.
  4. And the reason I prefer to buy complete series box-sets rather than single-disks as they're released.
  5. I can't believe that no one has mentioned Gunbuster. And here's two others for you consideration: Starship Operators is good if you want a bit of political intrigue in your Sci-Fi. It also has a rather unusual and interesting premise and also takes what might be described as a more realistic approach to space warfare. Stellvia has an epic 'save the planet' storyline along with a First Contact scenario and of course cute girls and a couple of giant mecha. (what more could you want?)
  6. "Nagisa, I found it. I finally found it. Something only I can protect. The precious thing only I can protect. It was…right here." ~ Tomoya Okazaki (Clannad After Story)
  7. 244 it's time to shut the door.
  8. I've never liked the idea of flying. But it occurs to me that once you're up in the air that is not the time to decide you don't like it and get out. Since I have no ability to control a car at high speed my race would be a short one and would end up with the car wrapped round a lamppost on the first corner.
  9. 242 Perhaps I'll see this through.
  10. Cliffhangers can be annoying, they put them in to encourage you to keep watching the series. But look on the bright side you do stand a good chance of actually seeing the rest of the series and won't be left high and dry like those of us who watched Card Captor Sakura Clear Card .
  11. I think this probably counts as anime news. The Royal Shakespeare Company has adapted the Studio Ghibli classic "My Neighbour Totoro" for the stage. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/entertainment-arts-63255917
  12. Trust me, our weather is pretty weird. Yesterday we had thunderstorms and lots of rain. This morning it was dull, overcast and a bit chilly, this afternoon the sun is shining from a clear blue sky and it's warm.
  13. And there was me thinking that only the UK had weird weather that couldn't make up its mind what to do. (which explains why the weather is the favourite topic of conversation among us Brits ).
  14. I really, really want a "groan" emoji. That batch of jokes are soooo bad they're excellent
  15. Thanks for enlightening us, I wondered what a bucket hat was . I have a a collection of baseball caps and they're my preferred headwear, but I think I may need to buy something more traditional as a baseball cap looks so wrong with a suit and tie, especially at weddings and funerals .
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