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  1. That looks very much like Mio Nishizono from Little Busters, she always carried a parasol and the uniform style looks about right too.
  2. Back in the 70s I used to create cardboard cut-out models like that. They were quite popular at children's holiday clubs. One of the ones I made was for the Apollo CSM, but my Lunar Lander was far too complicated for the children. The chocolate bar looks good, did they do them for any of the other characters?
  3. I saw that one advertised on Crunchy's front page and thought it looked interesting, so I might add it to my list and give it a try.
  4. That sounds like my attempts to find my way somewhere without the aid of my sat-nav.
  5. That all sounds like great fun. Although the complexity of the maths would hurt my brain. (Maths and I are not good friends )
  6. This magnificent locomotive came thundering through my local station at the weekend hauling a steam excursion from London to Winchester. It's a Southern Railway rebuilt West Country class no.34046 "Braunton". She was built in 1946 at the Southern Railway's Brighton Works and withdrawn from service in 1965 and sent to the scrapyard. She was purchased in 1996 by a heritage railway society and after a major restoration project steamed again in 2007.
  7. I've now finished re-watching Akebi's Sailor Uniform which is a wonderful little series, brilliantly told and with beautiful artwork and animation. The adventures of Komichi Akebi as she starts at her new school wearing her sailor uniform and makes new friends will bring a smile to your face and brighten up your day. This definitely an underrated and underappreciated series.
  8. I think you may mean Magic Knight Rayearth. It's a good series with lots of action and some great background music. There's two series and both are enjoyable, series 2 follows on from series 1 and has a slightly more serious storyline.
  9. Don't trust atoms. They make up everything!
  10. A bit overcast and 10c. It's not raining a the moment, but the weather forecast is for rain later on.
  11. In the four months since I took out a subscription to CR I've been able to watch a huge amount of anime series that I would not otherwise have seen and working on the principle that some series are worth more than a single viewing I've decided to do some re-watching. First up is Higehiro, I know that this series has been the subject of some controversy mainly due to its basic premise of a 27 year old guy taking in a 16 year old runaway high school girl and letting her live with him. I wonder if the real problem some people have with this series is that the author, Shimesaba, has crafted a story that is too real and too close to home for them to cope with. In this world there are many teenagers who, like Sayu, have been unable to cope with the situations they find themselves in and have run away from home. Some of them will have taken Sayu's way to survive and sold themselves in exchange for a roof over their head and possibly food on their plate. I suggest that a better way of looking at this series is to see it as the story of a 16 year old runaway who meets a 27 year old guy who is prepared to offer her a safe and secure place where she can stay and who helps her to gain the courage she needs to return to her home and face the problems she ran away from, all for nothing more than a bit of cooking and housework. Looking at it from that angle I think Higehiro is a really good series.
  12. Welcome aboard. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home, you're among friends.
  13. I wish you a Very Happy Birthday. But however high the number of candles on your birthday cake* always remember that age is just a number and while growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. * I've had to give up putting candles on my birthday cakes, at my age the number needed would be a serious fire hazard.
  14. Today I finished watching Sing "Yesterday" For Me which is quite a good little Slice of Life series. The story revolves around four main characters, two guys and two girls who have a slightly complicated relationship with each other, the two guys want the same girl, while both the girls want the same guy, it's a sort double love triangle which leads to some awkward moments for all of them. Ultimately the story is about one of the guys and one of the girls trying to decide between which relationship they think they want and the one they really want. The story is well told and I enjoyed watching it but I felt that the ending was a bit rushed.
  15. I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down!
  16. It's not been too bad here over the past couple of days. We're still getting quite bit of rain, but we're also getting some bright sunny spells. It's still a bit on the cold side but nowhere near as cold as it has been.
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