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  1. Looking at the screen size it looks like quite an old machine as 4:3 aspect monitors went out of fashion years ago. It's probably not been used for a while and the battery is knackered (to use a technical term) if you've got the mains charger for it it might work on mains power only. There's also the possibility that it suffered a fatal system crash the last time it was used, I had an old laptop which I used fairly regularly then one day on starting it displayed a an error message and crashed. I've never been able to start it since.
  2. Sunday lunch. Steak pie, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and Brussels sprouts.
  3. It's overcast, raining hard, there's been a couple of flashes of lightning and accompanying loud thunder claps. In short it's excellent weather for staying in and watching anime.
  4. A baked potato and baked beans with a slice of ham.
  5. I've just started rewatching my favourite anime series. There's just so many good things about this series.
  6. At my age I now have no close family to give Christmas present "wish lists" to and in any case I've got most of the things I want, and those that I do want are rather specialised and expensive and not the sort of thing I could ask someone to buy for me. On the other side of the coin I've brought the presents for my two best friends and have a good idea what I'll be getting for my other friends. I've designed my Christmas card for this year and just need to finalise it before sending it off to the printers.
  7. I agree with you about the bedroom being the best. I live on my own so the whole house is mine, but for historical reasons, my computer is in my bedroom and the bedroom is still the focal point of my life when I'm home.
  8. A Ah, yes. I remember the hot drink vending machines. You pressed loads of buttons to choose your drink and then waited to see if what it supplied was what you'd asked for and was drinkable.
  9. I'd go for the 70's and 80's. I'd left school and had a job it was the era of flared trousers and jackets with aircraft carrier width lapels and wide ties. By 1981 I had a car and a CB radio, the lives of my friends and I revolved around our cars and our radios, we drove in convoy to places and staged photo-shoots of our cars which were all kitted out with front spoilers, extra lights and other (often pointless) extras both inside and outside. Good (crazy) Fun was had by all.
  10. I live in fairly built up area, but there are some nice parks within a one mile radius but a park is no substitute for real scenery.
  11. Sounds like you've got it bad where you are, some of us don't realise how fortunate we are.
  12. Ok, so here's a mixed bag of recommendations: Clannad & Clannad After Story. Saikano. Haibane Renmei. Gunslinger Girl.
  13. 234 Otaku Gamer has a lot to answer for.
  14. That's not my favourite task either. I'm the only able-bodied person in my house as well, actually since I live on my own I'm the only person in my house and have to do everything! Taking out the trash, or Bin Day as it's often called, involves sorting it all out; plastic & tins go in the black box, paper & card goes in the blue box, food waste goes in the green box and non-recyclables and general waste go in the black sack. The boxes have to be put out once a week, then when the Bin Men have emptied them I have to go out and retrieve them from wherever the Bin Men have thrown them, mostly they're in my front garden but they can be anywhere within 20 feet of my house. A couple of months back my green bin went missing and I had to order a new one, fortunately the council supplies these free of charge. Hmm, that was a long post, and it's all total rubbish!!
  15. I can understand where you're coming from, but for me the opposite is true, I don't like dry meat it has to have lots of gravy on it. I do agree with you about chicken on the bone, I can't be dealing with it either. While we're on the subject of meat, I really don't understand the appeal of BBQs. I mean people go to BBQs and happily eat food that's burnt black on one side and under cooked on the other side if they were served that indoors on a plate they wouldn't touch it.
  16. This morning is quite bright with blue sky and fluffy clouds. It's not expected to last though the weather man says there's a 78% chance of rain and thundery showers later on this morning.
  17. First up. Welcome to the Forum I hope you like it here and enjoy yourself. Secondly. What sort of genres do you like? Sci-fi, Slice of life, Action, Adventure, Sports, Horror etc etc once we know what sort of anime you're interested in we'll know what sort of series to recommend.
  18. These anime make me cry every time I watch them. Clannad After Story. I Want to Eat your Pancreas. ef: A Tale of Melodies. Your Lie in April. But they're such good stories that I keep coming back to watch them again. The best stories are the ones that touch your heart, and they are the ones that stay with you.
  19. I could go along with that, on cold mornings I have great difficulty getting out of bed. It's currently 13C, which isn't bad for this time of year and it looks like it could be a fairly bright day.
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