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  1. Personally I'd be very wary of choosing a partner on the basis of a shared interest. I've known several people who've done that only to find out too late, when they're married, that the whole 'shared interest' thing was just an act and their partner wasn't in the slightest bit interested and basically said "we're not doing that rubbish any more".
  2. Be careful in doing that. A friend of mine decided they'd had enough of desktop PCs* and bought a laptop. A week later they realised that a 15" laptop screen was much smaller than the 19" they had on the desktop and they had trouble reading the screen, then they found out that a laptop keyboard was smaller than a full-size keyboard. So they ended up buying a USB C to VGA adaptor so they could use their old monitor plus two USB C to USB A adaptors so they could use their old keyboard and mouse. They now wish they hadn't bought the laptop! * The desktop PC in question had all sorts of problems, due I suspect to the person clicking on 'OK' to too many upgrade pop-ups when they should have clicked 'No'. The person is a big user of e-mail and Facebook but not all that computer literate and usually comes to me for help and advice, but for some reason they didn't this time.
  3. I used to hate facial hair, but then it grew on me.
  4. I saw the title and thought; Where do they get these weird ideas? I watched the trailer, out of curiosity, and thought; Pass !! Edit: I remembered the old joke: "Pardon my friend, he's a pig"
  5. Today the only one of my friends who likes anime came to visit and we binged watched Charlotte, all 13 episodes in one go. It's a good series and we both enjoyed watching it. I, of course, have seen it twice before and thought it even better when watched all in the same day.
  6. I finished re-watching Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki last night. An enjoyable series to watch that manages to be funny without being silly and serious without being boring and overbearing. I really pleased that it's getting a second series, hopefully sometime next year. However, it has to be said that I really wouldn't want a friend like Aoi Hinami.
  7. Bright and sunny, but with a slight chill in the air.
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