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  1. Happy Easter everyone.


    (and however you do, or don't celebrate Easter, try not to eat too many Easter eggs.)

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    2. Animedragon


      The Easter Eggs we eat in the UK are made of chocolate and come in a variety of sizes.

      Traditionally they're given to children, but a lot of adults like them too.

    3. viruxx


      Happy Easter to you as well! I'm trying to cut refined sugar out of my diet as much as I can lately, so sadly, no Reese's for me. I've been 'trying' to get used to dark chocolate, but it's been a bit difficult. 😭

      I don't suppose breakfast omelets count, do they? 😋

    4. Animedragon


      Dark chocolate is definitely an acquired taste, but once you get used to it the ordinary milk chocolate just isn't as good.

      Dark chocolate is better for you as well.

  2. Some years ago my next door neighbour liked opera and especially singing opera songs and I could hear him quite clearly through the wall that divided our houses. Now while I wouldn't say he was a bad opera singer, he was all that good either. Thankfully they moved away after a short time.
  3. I've never watched any Pokemon and don't really have any intention of doing so, it's just one of those series that I have absolutely no interest in at all.
  4. I've just finished watching The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten. Now, with a title like that I wasn't quite sure what I would be getting, this is anime after all and the angel could have been a real angel or it could just be that 'angel' is a nick name, well fortunately in this case it was the latter. As is to be expected from such a recent series the artwork and animation were good quality and while this counts for a lot, for me what counts most is a good storyline and interesting and believable characters. I'm not certain that a high school girl really would ofer to help clean a classmate's apartment and come round every evening to cook him a meal just because he looked after her when she was ill, but then again I have known people who have gone a few extra miles to help those who help them so I guess it is possible. I quite liked the way they kept their relationship at the "good friends" level and that they tried hard to keep their friendship quiet at school to avoid the problematical repercussions each of them would face if it became common knowledge. I also liked the slow way their relationship developed and that while they clearly felt safe and confident in each other's company while at the same time not being quite certain of how they felt about each other. The reactions and their expressions to the dialogue exchanges made me smile and chuckle several times, which is always a good thing. If there was one thing I felt that was slightly wrong with the series it was that the girl was almost always shown doing the domestic chores which I think could send a wrong message about relationships, but overall I enjoyed watching the series.
  5. It was a lot of work and long hours and I don't think he made much money doing it which is why he gave up and sold the business.
  6. As far as I'm concerned any kind of "meat" that's not real made-from-animals meat is highly questionable.
  7. I know a few towns like that. My cousin used to own and run his town's only shop.
  8. This is what I call "Hollywood disease", the main symptom of which is where the film's scriptwriters have only read the book's back cover synopsis and then gone off and written their own story based and those few sentences. Over the years I've come to have a great dislike for "film of the book" movies. I do have a few series where I have both the anime and the manga it's based on and I've found that the anime sticks pretty close to the manga, and in at least one case I found the anime to be far better than the manga.
  9. Am I the only person who thinks that the whole concept of printing cheesecake is totally weird?
  10. Suzume: And: Kaina of the Great Snow Sea.
  11. Apparently it's composted and turned into fertiliser.
  12. Super Cub is a simply beautiful slice of life series and is great fun and highly enjoyable to watch. The artwork and animation are excellent as is the soundtrack, but what really stands out in this series is the characters, especially Koguma, the main character, she is a second year high school student who has a very genuine personality that just shines. As an orphan living in rather reduced circumstances her life is totally transformed when she buys a second hand Honda Super Cub which leads to her forming a friendship with her classmate Reiko which leads to the pair of them having lots of adventures out riding their Cubs. In some ways Koguma and Reiko are similar to Rin and Nadeshiko from Yuru Camp, indeed I think that if you liked Yuru Camp you're going to like Super Cub. Like Yuru Camp it is set in a small town on the edge of the countryside not too far away from Mount Fuji.
  13. Welcome aboard, as you've been here for a while I assume you've already found yourself a cushion or chair to sit on and made yourself at home.
  14. Yes, this is often the case here for blocks of flats where the individual flats don't have any frontage on the public highway.
  15. The garden waste bin is for grass cuttings, weeds, rotten windfall fruit, cuttings from pruning hedges and plants etc, in fact just about anything organic.
  16. The only slight downside of using YouTube for trailers is that it helps to know the name of the anime.
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