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  1. Ah, yes. The usual problem of being an Early Adopter.
  2. Welcome aboard. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor is not your thing, and make yourself at home. You've come to the right place if you want to talk anime!
  3. I've got an earworm!

    "Song for Friends", the closing song from episodes 3,8 & 9 of Little Busters Refrain keeps playing in my head.  It's a nice song so I don't really mind it being an earworm.


    1. Kōyamaki


      You're right, it is a nice song. Haven't watched a single episode of this so cannot comment on the story. I have seen you mention it before though.

  4. Welcome aboard Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home. I hope you'll enjoy yourself here and find lots to interest you among people who like to talk about anime.
  5. Just watched one of my favourite films. Makoto Shinkai's "The Place Promised in our Early Days", stunningly beautiful artwork and animation and a wonderful soundtrack from Tenmon.
  6. You know the old saying: "Dogs have owners, Cats have staff".
  7. Whoever comes I wish you all a Very Happy Christmas.
  8. 396 Could also be 400 if rounded up!
  9. I've now finished watching Little Busters Refrain. This second season of the series is better than the first season because the story is better paced and flows more smoothly and is much more dramatic as Rikki and Rin slowly discover the secret of the world and the shocking truth it hides. Based on the revelations about the Little Busters in Refrain I am now of the opinion that the poor pacing of the first season's episodes was a deliberate attempt to show that the world the Little Busters lived in was somehow "out of kilter" and not quite right, but the animators didn't quite pull it off. In my opinion Refrain has gone a long way to redeeming the series and I will certainly watch it again, and probably enjoy it a lot more. One question remains, how did I miss "Song for Friends" the beautiful and haunting song that ends episodes 3, 8 & 9 when I watched the series for the first time?
  10. This is a beautiful song with lyrics that touch your heart.
  11. Yes. While I've not read the books I have watched the films several times, and I worked out who was going to receive Katniss's arrow in the penultimate scene before she loosed it. All four films had some awesomely impressive special effects, but what I found most impressive was the command of the English language demonstrated by the script writers. They managed to craft dialogue for the actors which enabled them to forcefully express their feelings of anger, rage and frustration without using a single swear word. In my opinion film studios need more script writers of that calibre, any one can put together a "gritty angry person" dialogue by just writing a string of variations of that over used Anglo-Saxon four letter word that begins with "F", to do otherwise requires a good command of language. Do you change channels when a film or TV show has lots of swearing?
  12. I saw the news about the weather on your side of the Pond. It looks seriously bad. Look after yourself and keep warm and safe. Somehow the 10C we've got doesn't sound so bad.
  13. I've finished re-watching the first season of Little Busters. I'm really trying to like this series as it has decent animation and artwork, it also has a good cast of characters and some of their individual story arcs are quite good, although one of them is in my view too far-fetched and improbable. So, now on to season 2.
  14. I wish everyone on AF a very Happy Christmas.
  15. Animedragon

    new anime

    That's an impressive outline. Writing the scripts and storyboards for each episode is going to keep you busy for the next few months.
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