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  1. I got some strawberry Pocky from the aforementioned Japanese food store and from a stall at an anime con I attended, it was nice but my favourite is the dark chocolate flavour. From the reactions of my friends and workmates when I've offered them some Pocky English people aren't really ready for the cullinary delights of Pocky. They took one stick of Pocky and declined a second one.
  2. I took out a sub to Hidive today and started watching Insomniacs After School. So far I'm up to episode 4 and enjoying every minute of it. Excellent artwork and animation, there's also a subtle humour in the dialogue and expressions of the characters.
  3. While going round my local supermarket getting my weekly shopping I saw this on the shelf, we anime fans would know it better as Pocky, so I bought a packet to see if it's as good as the Real Pocky I got from a Japanese food shop when I was working in central London. And, yes it's pretty good, the only downside being that it's milk chocolate instead of plain.
  4. "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost
  5. Cereal and milk followed by a cup of tea. (it's breakfast time here in the UK)
  6. I found an English to Japanese name converter here: https://japanesenameconverter.nolanlawson.com/
  7. I've just finished rewatching Fuuka. A enjoyable little SoL series about a group of high school students who get together and form a band. So how many series with that theme are there?? This one rings enough changes to the formula to make it different and interesting. It's got some good art work and animation, an interesting storyline, a good cast of characters and a good soundtrack.
  8. I'm just back from a very enjoyable two week holiday in Somerset.
  9. My usual reply is "nobody wanted me" It's amusing to see how people react when I say that.
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