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  1. I only saw a couple of episodes of Digi Charat, but Urusei Yatsura is a real blast from the past I had several volumes of that back in the days of VHS tapes. I'm really not sure about new versions of old series because they rarely capture the style of the original and can easily end up as pale imitations that annoy fans of the original series. While I liked Urusei Yatsura I don't think it and other series, such as Ranma 1/2 and Dirty Pair, have really aged all that well. I've got some Ranma and DP DVDs which I brought in the early days of DVD and watching them now I wonder what I ever saw in them.
  2. An approaching hurricane is enough to make anyone nervous. Take care stay safe and don't take any unnecessary risks.
  3. Welcome aboard. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if you prefer, and make yourself at home.
  4. Sora No Woto (Sound of the Sky) Insert song: Servante Du Feu
  5. Currently watching Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, an amusing Magical Girl series where the Magical Girls aren't at all magical and posses no magical powers at all. While great fun to watch there is a serious story underlying the craziness.
  6. You may already have one. VLC, the free media player software which is often called the 'Swiss army knife of media formats' can play DVDs and Blu-Ray disks it can also be switched between the various Blu-Ray regions quite easily. Of course there are some conditions. 1. Your computer must have a Blu-Ray drive. 2. You have to watch the content on your computer unless you can connect it to your TV, which shouldn't be a problem as I suspect all modern TVs have HDMI and from what I can see most computers have HDMI these days.
  7. Ops, a misunderstanding on my part. Still, being the writer for a comic is pretty impressive. I used to write stories when I was in secondary school but somehow never carried on with it once I left.
  8. I've always had my doubts about reviving classic series, to my mind its not gone well in the live action world of Hollywood the remakes of classic TV series into feature films may have done well at the box office but they're usually a travesty, or at best a pale reflection, of the series they're supposedly based on. But perhaps that only bothers people like me who watched and liked the originals. I've not seen any revivals of classic anime series so I don't know if the same applies to anime but the new Fruits Basket seems to be well received. Most of the revivals I've seen advertised are more in the style of reissues of classic series on Blu-Ray which can only be good news for both new and old anime fans.
  9. Animedragon

    My Dream

    Yes, a close-up shot of a character's expression can often say far more than words.
  10. It's not quite the style or subject that I prefer, but it is very well done. You certainly have good creative ability.
  11. What do I look for and what catches my eye. Well a good plot and storyline that is both believable and consistent is important, it doesn't really matter how impossible or implausible it is in real life, as long as it's written and presented in a way that is believable. Another important factor is well developed characters that you can 'connect' with so that you actually care about what happens to them. High quality artwork and animation for both the characters and the backgrounds is a big plus as is a good soundtrack because music often plays as big a part in setting the tone of a scene as the visuals.
  12. Terrific (I couldn't think of a word that started with an exclamation mark )
  13. Welcome aboard. Make yourself at home. What is anime missing? I've thought long and hard about this and not really come to any conclusions. Although I've made several comments in various topics on the forum about specific anime series that I think have been missing something. Perhaps I could ask why you think anime is missing something.
  14. While I was out shopping today I looked in the local jeweller's window out of idle curiosity. They had a wristwatch on display with a price tag of £6500, Six Thousand Five Hundred pounds for something to wear on your wrist to tell you the time!!? Some people clearly have more money than sense!! Actually, I don't think there's anyone in my town wealthy enough to buy it.
  15. I'm currently watching Gunslinger Girl, which is not the usual "Girls with guns" series.
  16. The weather's quite nice at the moment. Low 20's warm enough not to need a coat, but not too warm to wear one if you want pockets to keep things in when you go out.
  17. That might work. A few of the buildings I've worked in had some scary security guys.
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