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  1. Today it's more a case of what am I trying to watch than what am I watching. Lunchtime I settled down to watch Orange and selected the subtitled option because I really don't like dubs, but when the first episode started it was the dubbed version and it didn't matter how many times I went back and selected the sub option it always played the dubbed version. So I gave up and decided to watch something else, but every series I tried to watch played as the dubbed version despite me carefully clicking on the sub option. Even shows with only a subtitled version listed played dubbed! This is really weird because I had no problem watching My Dress-up Darling subtitled. So what's happened since yesterday? Have I missed some preferences option that only shows me dubs? And if I have how to I cancel it and set it to show subs? Have CR changed their plans and now only stream dubbed anime? If they're only going to offer dubs from now on they've just lost a subscriber because I really, really don't like dubs.
  2. I've now finished My Dress-up Darling. An interesting look into the world of cosplay. Kitagawa and Gojo have such different personalities and it's fun to watch how they react to each other in the various situations they find themselves in. I'm pleased that it's getting a second series because it just ended too quickly.
  3. Interesting about the Sound Euphonium movies being added, if they're only available for one day then that's a bit annoying as I haven't got time today to watch lots of movies. But as far as I can work out: Sound! Euphonium: Welcome to the Kitauji High School Concert Band : Is a compilation of series 1 Sound! Euphonium: May the Melody Reach You! : Is a compilation of series 2 Sound! Euphonium The Movie - Our Promise: A Brand New Day : Is a sequel to series 3 Liz and the Blue Bird : Spin-off from series 2 (I think) So perhaps I won't miss much. I'm not a great fan of compilation movies and I've seen series 1 and CR have series 2, which I intend to watch after I've re-watched my Blu-ray of series 1. Hopefully CR will have series 3 at some point.
  4. What's the most useful tool a wizard can have? A spell checker.
  5. 336 Number 6. I am not a number I am a free man!
  6. They're really hard to find, I've only got one.
  7. Last week I upgraded my Internet service to something a good deal faster so streaming is now a practical proposition.

    As a result I've now taken out a subscription to Crunchyroll. Which means I can now watch those series that are not available on DVD/Blue-ray or are too expensive to buy. 🙂

    1. Ohayotaku


      Congrats. As someone who came late to streaming myself (just 5 years ago), I can say it certainly broadened my enjoyment of anime. Not sure how CR’s UK library compares to the US though.

    2. Animedragon


      There's quite a large selection in their UK library. I've made a start with My Dress up Darling, the interaction between the two main characters is very good and great fun to watch.

    3. Ohayotaku


      If I might be so bold, some future suggestions based on past series you noted enjoying: Fruits Basket (2019 - 2021 version) • A Place Further than the Universe •  Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song • Laidback Camp • Bocchi the Rock

  8. I think you need to find out your friends definition of alcoholic. If his father just drinks a bit more than your friend thinks is appropriate then there's a good change his father isn't an alcoholic. If his father says things like "doesn't everyone drink six cans of larger before lunch" then there's a good chance that he is an alcoholic.
  9. I can assure you that the photocopier cartoon is very real, photocopiers are a sentient species and definitely have it in for us humans.
  10. Well, it's like this, the friend in question came to visit me and as it happened I had an anime soundtrack CD playing and he remarked on the music because the singing was not in English so I told him that it was a soundtrack from a Japanese animated series and as the PC was on I showed him some pictures I'd downloaded, this was before the days of DVDs and digital media, and he liked what he saw. So I suggested that he come round one Saturday and he could watch some of this anime thing to which he agreed. In the end we ended up spending all Saturday afternoon and evening watching anime, after which he was hooked! For several years after that we met up about once a week to watch anime and went to anime conventions together for several years, where he was spending as much on anime stuff as I was! Sadly, other commitments mean that we can now only meet up a couple of times a year, but he's still interested in anime. He's also the only other person I've been able interest in anime.
  11. 332 I's obviously bean and gone.
  12. Finished re-watching Golden Time. I do like it when a series has a happy ending.
  13. Some people tell me I'm weird. I just tell them I march to the beat of a different drummer.
  14. You know you're in the past when you have to ask "what's a hoya?". The only hoya I know is the manufacturer filters for cameras.
  15. I have no trouble waking up early, the hard part is actually getting out of a nice warm bed especially on these cold dark mornings.
  16. 314 @Soramee I can relate to that. I've never woken up that late, but these cold dark mornings are no incentive to getting up early.
  17. Oh I like it, this is the 3rd or 4th time I've watched it. I meant to put that I'm re-watching it, but sometimes my brain types faster than my fingers!
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