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  1. That's good to know. I'm going to start watching that, once I finished Little Busters and taken out a Hidive sub.
  2. That seems like a rather drastic, and permanent, way of avoiding the hot weather.
  3. It's bright and sunny and it would be nice and warm if it wasn't for the quite strong cold wind!
  4. Currently rewatching Little Busters and it occurs to me that for a shy, quiet girl Rin is quite a violent young lady.
  5. Einstein's Extra Theory of Relativity. Time flows quicker the older you get. Remember those six week summer holidays when you were at school? They lasted FOREVER. But once you've been out at work for a couple of years six weeks is just a month and a half and its soon over. Hey! It's July already, where did the first half of the year go??
  6. Today started off cold, raining and generally miserable, but it turned out warm, dry and sunny later on.
  7. It's a temporal anomaly, Saturday & Sunday are the shortest days of the week and lunch hour is the shortest hour of the day.
  8. I think Yuru Camp would meet those requirements.
  9. Why did the man take a bale of hay to bed with him? It was to feed his night mares!
  10. The temp here is 18C, I would prefer it to be a bit warmer, but not as much as 33C as that's way too hot for me.
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