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  1. Neither am I. Winter is my least favourite season. Halloween isn't widely celebrated here in the UK. It seems to be mostly driven by shops who take the opportunity to sell cheap tat at high prices.
  2. I guess it has to be said that if Violet Evergarden was your girlfriend no one would ever mess with you, and live to tell the tale.
  3. A breaded chicken steak with roast potatoes, green beans and broccoli followed by apple tart and custard.
  4. I've been rewatching Super Cub. Which is an excellent little Slice of Life series about an orphaned high school girl who finds friendship and adventure after she buys a second-hand Honda Super Cub. This is a quiet and highly enjoyable story that exudes the same vibes as Yuru Camp, but is a totally different story. The artwork and animation are beautiful and the background music really fits the scenes. The storyline is quite simple, but very well told. Altogether this is a great series to watch after a hard and stressful day at school or work.
  5. It's dull and overcast, it's not raining but it looks like it rained overnight.
  6. Bright and sunny, at the moment, but still a bit chilly.
  7. The word "Forum" means "a public meeting place for open discussion" and this is the aspect of web forums that a lot of members forget. There seems to be a tendency on web forums, and not just this one, for members to post but not comment on other member's posts. If someone posts a comment about something and it gets no 'likes' or replies it's not really an incentive for them to keep posting, and that sadly can lead to a forum closing down. Anyway, that's my 2 (insert currency of your choice) worth so Welcome aboard AF. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and I hope you'll like it enough here to make it your new home.
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