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  1. I've now finished Your Lie in April. What and emotional roller-coaster that series is.
  2. Welcome aboard. Pull up a cushion or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home.
  3. Interesting to know that the UK isn't the only country with rubbish TV. Actually, that's a bit unfair, there have been some interesting TV programmes this year, but I could probably count them on the fingers of one hand.
  4. It certainly is. And I'm now enjoying the returns on my investment in anime DVDs because there's so little on TV these days that's worth watching.
  5. I thought I'd do another one of these, but then I thought a plain 3x3 grid was boring, so I did this instead. Centre: Clannad After Story. Clockwise from top: Laputa: Castle in the Sky. Violet Evergarden. Stellvia. Somedays Dreamers. Gunslinger Girl. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions. Saikano. Gunbuster.
  6. Here in the UK we only got two episodes per tape in the VHS era. I try not to remember how much I've spent on anime related things over the years. But then again, unlike many of my friends who smoked 20 or so cigarettes a day and visited the pub most evenings I've still got something for all the money I spent.
  7. A few months back having watched the whole series of Aria I became so used to the Undines calling out "Gondola Torimas" when they emerged from a side canal into a larger one that I started doing it at my local supermarket every time I pushed my trolley from a side aisle to the main one. Fortunately I didn't say it too loudly and were few people around so no one actually heard me.
  8. I finished rewatching kanon, and started rewatching Your Lie in April.
  9. 😃 I had an e-mail this morning to tell me that the Violet Evergarden Movie that I pre-ordered months ago has been dispatched. 😃 😃

    1. Animedragon


      I've had an e-mail from the Royal Mail to tell me that due to a two day strike by the postal workers union my parcel will be delayed. 😡

      Not that I should be surprised by this, going on strike is a bit of a national pastime at the moment and those professions that haven't yet gone on strike are considering it.

  10. Photocopiers are a sentient species. 48 years of working with with them taught me that.
  11. The birds in my area are obviously hungry. I looked out through the window into the back garden this morning and saw that both my bird feeders are almost empty, and I filled them up this time last week!

    When there's a break in the rain I'll go out and replenish them and do my bit to help the local wildlife.

  12. I don't think I'll ever get tired of re-watching these. Clannad & Clannad After Story. The Place Promised in our Early Days. Laputa: Castle in the Sky.
  13. Welcome to the forum, pull up a cushion, or a chair if you prefer, and make yourself at home. Sorry, I can't help you with identifying the movie you're looking for.
  14. I'm currently re-watching the classic Kyoto Animation series "Kanon".
  15. I think the most shocking moment for me came at the end of "I want to eat you pancreas", it was obvious from the start that Sakura was going to die, but how she died was quite a shock and something I just didn't see coming.
  16. Cloudy, but bright. Only 10C but it must have been colder than that first thing because the central heating has come on.
  17. 278 After 7 comes 8, so don't be late.
  18. I often think about hibernating for January and February, they always seem to be the coldest and most boring months of the year.
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