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  1. 276 I'm glad he's not swimming the river Styx.
  2. I was playing along a bit, they were much the same things my cousin said to me after they arrived.
  3. It's a massively long series and I'm not sure it was ever dubbed, come to that I'm not sure if it was every fully released subbed either. Many years ago someone was going to release it on DVD, sub only I think, but I don't know how far that project actually got and I don't recall ever seeing it for sale anywhere.
  4. I know those things. One of my cousins and one of my friends emigrated to Australia some years ago.
  5. Just started re-watching the original Bubblegum Crisis. An excellent 80's Sci-Fi action series.
  6. 10cm, that's about 4 inches in "old money" if that much snow fell in Southern England our transport networks would be disrupted, we just don't get lots of snow often enough to make having lots of special snow clearing machines viable.
  7. So you didn't hitch a ride on the Orion/Artemis then? I have heard a few things about California.
  8. 269 There's a train on the line.
  9. The only one of that series I've seen is Winter Garden, which was a very nice little two-parter.
  10. Sketchbooks, ah, sketchbooks, for a moment I misread that as sketchy books.
  11. It's cloudy, dull, overcast, raining, cold and miserable. And I can't stay in because I've got to go shopping to get some food.
  12. 267 Will your goldfish go to heaven?
  13. I'm currently watching the current series of Abandoned Engineering. It's a fascinating and informative programme that tells the stories of abandoned buildings, structures and objects from around the world. It's sometimes sad to see places where great discoveries that changed the way we see our world were made, it's always shocking to see places where people were treated like slaves and worked until they died either from starvation, exhaustion or diseases caused by the areas they were forced to work.
  14. The You're Under Arrest Mini Specials are quite good fun, while it helps to have watched the series it's not essential. Also worth considering is Kurogane Communication, it's an interesting little series about a bunch of robots looking after a young girl in a post-apocalyptic world. It has 24 episodes, but they're only 15 minutes long.
  15. One of the strange things that happened to me was that when I had a lot of work on I was told that my manager had arranged for a temp to come in the next day to help out, when they arrived it turned out to be a former colleague I'd worked with 20 or so years ago.
  16. Hoshi no koe / Voices of a distant star. Which is slightly unusual as it's a manga based on an anime rather than the other way round. It's only one volume of 230 pages, but it's a really good story. I read the whole thing in one sitting because I just couldn't put it down.
  17. Back in late 1996 when I discovered anime and started watching it it was only available on VHS tapes and even if there was a subtitled version the local record shops only sold the dubbed version and some of those early VHS dubs were quite good. However, as I descended the slippery slope into anime fandom I found that some series were only available subtitled and I also acquired some subtitled versions of series I had dubbed versions of and I quickly noticed that in several cases the dub dialogue and subtitles of the subbed versions were not the same to the point where for a couple of series the dub had a different ending. Then in the early 2000's DVD's appeared on the scene with both dub and sub on the same disk and ever since then I've grown to appreciate the original Japanese voice actors and now only watch subs.
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