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  1. I don't read much manga but do watch a lot of anime and in every case I've seen the anime before I've read the manga, usually because I liked the anime so much that I wanted to read the manga. And that is where the problems start. With most of the manga the creators of the anime have followed it fairly closely sometimes putting events in a slightly different order usually to make the anime story flow better, this is fine by me. What I find really annoying is where the manga and anime are very different, although in some cases this is an advantage, to my mind the most striking example is Magic Knight Rayearth where the second series anime is SO much better than the second half of the manga. I've got just under a dozen cases where I've got both the anime and the manga and overall I find that the anime creators are much better at following and keeping to the storyline of their source material than the average Hollywood "film of the book" creators, where quite often I wonder if they read any more of the book than the back cover synopsis!
  2. Thanks for a very interesting post, the content of the linked articles was also very interesting and informative.
  3. While not exactly side-splitting comedy, there's quite a few laughs to be had in the interactions both verbal and visual between the characters of K-On.
  4. Now there's a film that totally caught me off guard. The ending was so gut-wrenchingly sad that before I knew it I was crying my eyes out. I was doing OK with this series, until the end when Kosei read Kaori's final letter to him. Yes, that happens with me as well.
  5. Just started watching K-On again. This is such a fun series to watch, the script is brilliant and the dialogue exchanges between the characters have a really subtle humour.
  6. I'll add another of my favourite protagonists; Miaka Yuki, from Fushigi Yugi. Throughout the series Miaka does some rather silly things, she also tends to act without really thinking which leads her into doing some very stupid things, but she takes her role seriously and her actions are usually based on good intentions, even if they're not the most sensible actions. But throughout all the things that happen to her her belief and love for her best friend Yui never wavers no matter what Yui does to her.
  7. What does “idk” stand for? Everyone I ask says, “I don’t know.”
  8. Welcome aboard. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home.
  9. And there was me complaining about it being cold at 12C. We did have a short absolutely torrential rain storm this morning, but unlike last time it happened after I'd got back home from the shops and unloaded the car.
  10. It's still cold, actually it's 12C but it feels a lot colder than that, but it's not raining at the moment which is a nice change.
  11. Well, I've learnt something today, I didn't know that To Heart was based on a visual novel.
  12. I've just finished watching To Heart, a nice little feel-good slice of life series.
  13. It's dull, overcast, cold and raining and it's been like that for a couple of days now.
  14. I want to re-watch "I want to eat your pancreas" again, but it has such a gut-wrenchingly sad ending that I keep putting it off. I also want to watch "Little Busters" again. I wasn't too impressed with it first time round, so it'll be interesting to see what I think of it second time round.
  15. In one of the places I worked someone put something in the microwave that they perhaps shouldn't have done. Not only did it stink the room out the resulting smoke set the fire alarms off. Immediate evacuation of entire building and when I got into the street I saw two fire tenders and a unit with a turntable escape ladder approaching the place at great speed with all their lights on and sirens screaming. It livened up a boring afternoon but It would be an understatement to say that the person responsible was not popular.
  16. No, I'm not scared of clowns. I tend to be more annoyed and irritated by their silly antics. Apparently a fear of clowns is called Coulrophobia. I just thought I'd leave that bit of trivia here.
  17. I had a look at this as I thought it might be interesting, then decided I didn't have a spare three and a half hours to watch it. Some people really need to remember that less is more.
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