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  1. I've now finished watching the second series of Magic Knight Rayearth. The build-up to the final battle is quite dramatic but I think the most touching scene is Hikaru's final confrontation with Nova. Overall I think the series benefits from having the creators of the manga involved in the anime, but I still think that the anime ending is better than the manga ending.
  2. For me it's the Gerry Anderson series Stingray and Thunderbirds. A reminder of a time when life was simple and carefree and I my friends used to get on our bikes and cycle over to the local park
  3. I suffered from having a laptop with Windows ME installed and I regularly threatened it with an upgrade to Windows 98 ! I only used it when away from home, but eventually it crashed once too often and was replaced. I think Windows ME must be the worst OS Microsoft have ever released* Windows Vista wasn't good, but it wasn't bad as long as you didn't ask too much of it. * My own opinion is that Windows ME wasn't actually released, it escaped and was never recaptured.
  4. Thesaurus Definition: A book of words and their synonyms. Joke definition: A type of dinosaur with an impressive vocabulary.
  5. Warm and sunny, my favourite type of weather.
  6. Magic Knight Rayearth: First series opening song. "Yuzurenai Negai" (Unyielding Wish).
  7. While visiting his son a man asked to borrow a newspaper, his son said "Dad, get with it, this is the 21st Century. Here, use my iPad". That fly never knew what hit it !
  8. Today I'm sad. I've just been told that a friend of mine has died. Given their age and health problems it wasn't totally unexpected, but it's still a shock.
  9. I'm not a fan of "recap movies", in fact they're one of my pet dislikes. The main problems I have with them is that in compressing the storyline a lot, if not most, of the motivations behind the character's actions is lost and more annoyingly there are sometimes changes to the storyline. Although these things probably only bother those who have seen the original TV series. I have the same misgivings about "films of the book", especially when it's a film of a book I have read and have a very good knowledge of the story.
  10. Bright, sunny, very little cloud and 25c what's not to like.
  11. A man went into a bar and while admiring the waitress's uniform he commented that the sign outside said "topless bar". The waitress looked at him and replied "wait until it rains"
  12. I'm currently watching the second series of Magic Knight Rayearth. While both series are very good I think the second series is the better of the two, mainly because it has more of an on-going storyline and less "monster of the week".
  13. Dogs cannot operate MRI units. But Cats-can.
  14. The mechanic told me my car had a flat battery. So I asked him what shape it should be.
  15. You're never too old to watch anime. For myself I find I enjoy anime more now I'm older.
  16. It's what you do if you're family. It was a small repayment for everything they had done for me over so many many years.
  17. I lived with my parents, although in the final years of their lives it would be more correct to say that they lived with me as both were disabled and couldn't have lived on their own so I was their primary carer.
  18. I've just finished the first season of Magic Knight Rayearth it's a really good story and has one of the best dramatic soundtracks. MKR is one of only three series that I have two copies of. I bought the series when it first came out and then bought the 15th Anniversary box sets which are a much better release both in quality and disk authoring.
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