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  1. So, I have to pick 3 favourites. That's difficult because they are all interesting characters and have their good points. First place I've already declared and goes to Sailor Mercury, for reasons already given. Second place goes to Sailor Pluto because she's so elegant and composed and whatever happens she never seems to panic. After much thought third place goes to Sailor Saturn. I like the mystery that surrounds her and there's clearly more going on in her mind than she lets on about. The one I dislike most is Chibi Usa, she's such an annoying character, especially in series 4, which I've only watched once and regretted doing so!
  2. A nice hot cup of decaf tea and a chocolate biscuit. I really should cut down on the amount of chocolate I eat. Actually, I really should cut down on the amount of chocolate I buy, then I wouldn't be tempted to eat so much of it. But I like chocolate!!
  3. They probably thought Sailor Mercury was useless because she didn't have a dramatic and flashy attack, she used her brains rather than brawn. Funny you should mention Magic Knight Rayearth as it's one of my favourites and I'm currently watching the first series (again). Card Captor Sakura is also one of my favourites, I like Madoka Magica but it's not on my favourites list.
  4. Of course a lot of us like Sailor Mercury. She's smart, elegant and sensible, she is also cute.
  5. Thinking about interactions between users. Quite a few years back I was an active user of CB radio and had many good chats with people via that medium, but of course it needed everyone to be on at the same time. Zoom meetings have the same problem, not everyone is available at the same time and whatever date/time you choose someone can't make it. That's where I find text based forums so valuable as people can log in read and post messages whenever it is convenient for them something that is even more important on our forum where we're in different countries it's and different time zones, at the time I'm writing this it's 22:00 on Thursday evening here in London and it's 07:00 on Friday morning in Melbourn. Going back to the original question at the start of this topic it occurred to me that if we read a post we agree with it's very easy, too easy perhaps, just to click the "Like" button without saying what we like about the post and I think that doing so would liven up the discussion on the forum, of course it's not always appropriate or necessary every time. These are just a few random thoughts before I go to bed.
  6. Welcome to the friendly chaos that is the Anime Forum. While I wouldn't describe myself as a "Moonie" I do like the series and have seen most of the original series several times. My favourite member of the team is Mercury and I have a figure model of her on the shelf over my desk.
  7. The only YouTube channels I watch with any degree of regularity are Geoff Marshall and Jago Hazzard.
  8. Just reaching the halfway point of one of my favourite series, Magic Knight Rayearth.
  9. "Diamond Daydreams". A nice little series from 2004. Six short two part stories about the hopes, dreams, friendships and conflicts of six girls who live in different parts of Hokkaido. Series like this can fall a bit flat because the stories are too short and we never really get to know the characters, but with this one the character's lives are well presented and their stories are nicely told.
  10. Welcome to the fun, chaos and craziness of the Anime Forum I hope you'll enjoy yourself here. As has been pointed out, 26 is not old here but we don't worry about such things and anime crosses all age boundaries. (I'm not giving my age again, doing so can get boring. You might come across it in one of my postings).
  11. I'm not sure if Sailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno) really counts as a "loli" because she's a rather mature and sensible young lady, but she is certainly cute.
  12. Yes, and it would be nice to see Yumi as Rosa Chinensis.
  13. I've been watching Toradora again, I like it and it's a good series but each time I watch it I come away feeling that the story is missing something. It's like a darts player who aims for the bull and just misses it.
  14. As someone who is, on occasion, known as the dinosaur of the forum let me assure you that 35 is not really old. I'll be twice that age in a few months time. Anyway, who cares? Age is just a number.
  15. I think ketchup is horrible stuff, but each to their own. While I like orange juice and don't dislike scrambled eggs I certainly couldn't face them for breakfast.
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