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  1. Ok, now thats epic. XD You sir would slay all the kick ball competitors if they put you on the field. XD
  2. I'm.... I'm both conflicted and oddly satisfied with this image.. This... Is a true dragon ball.
  3. Im so confused XD Tho if we're getting back to topic, what do you mean by kamehameha kickballs? lol
  4. That could very well be the situation. Honestly that would suck. Cosplaying seems to be a really fun hobby so being arrested for something you like would be a lot of crap XD
  5. now you're just making me curious XD I can only wonder what the cosplayer did to get arrested. I feel that, I used to go out into the woods and train with a sword, using the woods as a training course to enhance my skills. I was aspiring to be like Akame from Akame Ga Kill! XD Good times, really. And thanks, I thought it would be a fun topic to discuss XD
  6. Alright ladies and gentlemen, it's time we confront the past and tell the tales that should not be told. What is the biggest weeb move you've ever done? It can be anything from trying to water bend the water in a public pool or Naruto running away from the cops in your local mall for trying to cast Jutsu on the people shopping within it. Bring it.
  7. Sup ladies and gents, thought I'd get your opinion on the upcoming anime Sewayaki Kitsune No Senko-San. Originally, I started out reading the manga and I can't help the excitement I'm feeling for this show. I absolutely loved it's manga counterpart and can't wait to see Senko-San and all the other amazing characters come to life in the animation. I'm really hyped for this show and can't wait to see it in the form of an anime~! Anyways, how are you all feeling about it??
  8. Yooo gabiru is the wooooorst, i really dont like him
  9. I feel that m8, work is tough. But I definitely reccomend it when you have some free time
  10. No problem, glad to be of help. (≧◡≦)
  11. I highly reccomend to chill and watch it when you have some free time. Im quite fond of this anime and your right, the animation is pretty great. I enjoy that aspect a lot as well xD
  12. Hmm well, I would look into it for extra speculation, however ill give the best summary I got XD / So then, the anime itself revolves around the main protagonist and first takes place in modern Japan. After certain circumstances (Trying not to give away the plot to much), the main protagonist finds himself sent to a fantasy world as a slime. He then meets a Tsundere "beast" in the cave he "spawned" in and then tries to find away to free said beast while going on a huge adventure in the process. / That probably wasn't a very good explanation but I've always been bad at summary's XD Anyways, i'd give it a shot, it's really good.
  13. So, I didn't see a thread on here about the "That time I got reincarnated as a slime" anime and I was wondering, what do you all think about it? I'm liking it so far ≧◡≦
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plAY6-JX7hc Theres a good bit more
  15. i just wanna start by saying akame ga kill is amazing. Idk why most people find the title odd. yes it is called akame ga kill but i feel as if akame and tatsumi were both to be portrayed as the main characters. if u look really closely into it, akame and tatsumi are the two mostly showed, and not only that but there seems to be a stronger backround on the both of them. everyone else had a brief history on them but i dont feel as if it was as in depth as akame and tatsumi's. As for the deaths, yes they did come quickly but they had meaning. some died fighting which gave the other characters more incentive to complete their job. To me the whole anime itself flowed smooth and thats why its my 2nd favorite.
  16. I always find these moments of K-On funny
  17. I don't know why but i sleep on my back with my legs crossed. And then i'm on my side when i wake up, so i guess it'd be both
  18. definitely SAO. I don't know about anyone else but I really enjoy the medieval type of feel the surroundings give you. Not to mention how great the environment looks in general
  19. If i had to choose then id probably say Slice of life/Romance/School animes like toradora, oregairu, etc
  20. Definitely Yui :3 shes really determined to learn the guitar and shes extremely ditsy so it's really funny to me Mio is a very lose 2nd tho
  21. I honestly have to say that Isla's death in Plastic memories was the saddest. It has to be the first most saddest anime death i've ever seen.[ATTACH=full]32701[/ATTACH]
  22. I honestly have to say that Isla's death in Plastic memories was the saddest. It has to be the first most saddest anime death i've ever seen.
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