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  1. 11 minutes ago, awesomedude20 said:

    I suggest reading all the rules and stuff of the thread first.

    If you wish to partake in the game portion of the thread then you get no say in the anime you get, however if you'd like to do sandbox mode, then I can do the genres you asked for.

    Oh, I thought it's a simple topic where we could suggest each other anime based on the genres given. I am on phone, it's kinda hard to read there rules now, but I will when I get to my laptop. Thank you for the information. 

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  2. What's up? I am back. For the people that doesn't really know me, I am Andrew. I see some new faces around, that's cool. The forum is growing nice. Good job everyone that contributed and made the forum what it is today. Special thanks to @Optic, keep it up the good work! Hopefully I will make some new friends, why not. As I've seen there are many cool persons that I'd like to know and share thoughts about anime/manga or experiences from real life. Always happy to learn something everyday. Nice to meet you all. 😉

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  3. Nice list there.


    Even is hard to think about a top.. I will try. :P


    So here we go:


    1. Naruto

    2. Bleach

    3. Fairy Tail

    4. One Piece

    5. Hunter x Hunter

    6. Gintama

    7. Tokyo Ghoul

    8. Attack on Titan

    9. Boku no Hero Academia

    10. Nanatsu no Taizai

    11. Kuroko no Basket

    12. One Punch Man

    13. Charlotte

    14. Tokyo Ravens

    15. Steins;Gate

    16. Charlotte

    17. Kakegurui

    18. No Game No Life

    19. Haikyuu!!

    20. Nurarihyon no Mago

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