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  1. nice profile !!

    i noticed i already followed you...but i didn't notice you due to the name change! 
    you're active on here, more than I have been, lol, nice to meet you!

    1. Hällregn


      Thank you! The pfp I had up before was a detailed look at Vincent van Gogh's Vase with Roses. One of my favorite floral still life's of his. The gif cover photo is of Armand Roulin from the beautiful film Loving Vincent. I must have watched it a dozen times already. xD

      Oh, no! The fault is really my own. I had the site owner, Optic, reset my account. There was a lot of personal information, mainly photos that were taken close to my home-that I could not edit off the site and felt uncomfortable that they were permanently visible. I also had some written works here that I'm planning on publishing and was advised to not put them up online before printing. I was very grateful of Optic's communication and help. :) It probably left a few people confused! 

      I try to be active, I really do like AF. Sadly I've been overwhelmed these few months and try to get online twice a week or so. :( There's a lot I want to do but can't at the moment. 

      Haha, yes, always nice to see and hear from you again! 💜

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