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  1. So I can't post appreciation for THK and Wedgy on all the crap they've been through? Nor how this appalling site has treated people who chose their dignity over keeping this place alive. Thanks Optic, truly. For sponging my previous account when a fellow member was stealing my creative works and reuploading them elsewhere. Always grateful but I don't understand why I can't even post a screenshot asking why my public replies to THK and Wedgy are restricted, on my own Activity Status? I can't even simply mention that I'm disappointed in AF and express regret in re-joining. 

    Feeling terrible for the lingering members on the site, there's so much going on behind the curtain and you all deserve better. Huge thank you to everyone that kept spreading awareness, I'll take a note from those that were wise enough to leave this place sooner. 

    I'll treasure the times I did manage to have fun here and it was wonderful meeting some earnestly good people along the way. Thankful to the friends I made above all else. Stay safe.

    1. Myouya


      Is this about the "Huge thank you." post that is hidden just before this one? Did you not do that yourself? I can un-hide it if you want

    2. Hällregn


      It's okay, you don't need to un-hide the Status post, it generally says the same as my comment posted on THK's thread. Whenever I tried tagging their usernames or tried uploading the screenshot of the content being hidden or simply asked if talking about this situation was filtered through certain words, my activity was being hidden. Thought it was weird.

      Thank you for everything you do here, Myouya. This place would literally not have any new active members without you. Stay true and good luck here. 💚 Don't let anyone take advantage of your time and efforts. 💚💚 Many hugs!!

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