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  1. Tired is an understatement.

    After work I usually check-in/take care of my mother. Often my brother's kids because he has a massive lack of responsibility. Ended up pulling a co-worker's weight the last two days so we could go home on time and I wouldn't have to hear the personal drama they have with their in-laws. 😵💫

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  2. I try to visit a local used bookstore once a month. Last week the owner gave me a box full of ghost stories and tales for no reason. So I guess my evenings are going to be a little spooky for a bit. 👻

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  3. Maybe it's because I had a very difficult upbringing (not necessarily a bad one) that's led me to appreciate life at a certain pace. My parents pretty much raised me to earn things outside of necessity. I still remember when I bought my very first cellphone. A simple, red flip phone; nothing special. Just one example of feeling ecstatic for the ability to achieve. I was very grounded to reality as a kid, and it helped me gain adaptability in the long run. There were so many problems I was able to solve by pulling up the sleeves and tinkering around in. This mentality carried over to all aspects of my life and I've found content and a sense of purpose in what I do. These days I live a relatively normal life but I continue to use my do-it-yourself experience in all sorts of creative mediums. When I used to find myself thinking "why can't I have that?" and it's in the realm of possibility to create, I'll more likely go for it and try. xD As for celebrities and other such people, I hold no malice or jealously. They do them but honestly, the lifestyle looks exhausting. Even traveling here and there for the best getaway vacations looks tiresome. All of the people, all of the noise. No thanks! Right now life and enjoying it with good company is the best and greatest feeling on Earth. 

    And I have a bad track record with social media. Sometimes it gets to be too much and half of the time I don't like what I see or read. 

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  4. 9 hours ago, RZ. said:

    I'm on episode 5 of Arcane and god damn does this show just get better by the episode.

    Arcane is so good! Glad it's newcomer friendly because I didn't know much about the game or the lore. Turned out to be one of my favorite animated shows. 😊


    Just finished episode 8 of Better Call Saul. I was trying to binge the first season but didn't quite make it. Have a long day tomorrow. This show has me hooked! Bob Odenkirk gives this character an incredible amount of humanity. 

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