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  1. You could pop it in your About Me but if you're worried about the ages of other members you could always ask nicely?
  2. They changed this masterpiece way too early, I'm not really feeling the second OP.
  3. Outlaw Star is one of my favorites! Definitely a classic. I'm catching up to you with 166 anime titles in my PTW list. The struggle is real. I'm on episode 7 of Mashiro no Oto and so far it's been a complete surprise. Although I have this community to thank for picking it up in the first place.
  4. I like that animator's channel. Last year was the pits but as @Otaking66lives commented, feeling blessed. Things have been great, I feel incredibly lucky.
  5. Just started the third episode of Cike Wu Liuqi, and got inspired to watch Mashiro no Oto. Got to episode four this morning. With a new pair of headphones that make everything sound incredible, Mashiro no Oto, being of the Music genre- was a great choice to test them out on. I'm still pretty stunned at how much more emotional episode Spring Dawn was through not only storytelling but sound.
  6. Over-the-ear, noise cancelling headphones from Bose. I tried them last night and now anime is a whole new experience. It was incredible, the sound of the ocean and wind!
  7. Sat with The Power of the Dog to see what all the fuss was about. Didn't really like it.
  8. It is indeed. Kaoru and Reki are my favorite characters on the anime. I haven't really kept up on it but I hope there's a second season. No biggie on the quote mishaps, it happens!
  9. Fan of Sk8 here and for real, same reaction. Currently watching: Ultraman Season 2. K-On is such an adorable show, glad you had fun with it.
  10. You really think so? Thanks for drawing the comparison to something like strength. Kind of sucks to cut free from toxic environments and feel like your 110%, 120%, 130%- etc. will never be enough for some people. Best advice I've ever read was "Those who get upset with you for setting boundaries are those who benefitted from you not having any." I think I used to let others hold kindness hostage for a bit. Eh, live and learn. Glad you're back on AF by the way. Hope you have a great time here.
  11. Still working hard as a Mod I see. Thanks for putting my comments through Myouya! You're the best. 👍

    1. Myouya


      Count with me! 🌈

    2. Hällregn


      AF needs a Mod awards system. 😁🏆

  12. Glad to see all the new artists on the forum! Good stuff.
  13. Kind of grateful that that hasn't been the case for a couple of years now but yeah, it's definitely made me cautious of new acquaintances and potential friendships. Better safe than sorry I guess. Yeah, I learned not to make excuses or compromise beyond my capabilities. I think being guilt-ed into doubt was my biggest hurdle out of this mentality. Naturally when you want to separate yourself from stressful situations it can be seen as running away or not putting up a fight for someone you care about. I had some people try to push guilt my way over wanting healthier connections and friendships. It was nice to break out of that cycle and learn a lot from the process.
  14. Hällregn


    I like how this topic is tagged under comedy, haha. A1: Can't recall but I think it involved my mother being a highly venomous spider. A2: Come on, you know this question causes temporary amnesia. A3: You wouldn't get it even if I did. A4: "I'm 50 years old , stop calling me your 'baby'." A5: "Started from the bottom, now I'm here." A6: My sibling and I are not twins. In fact, there's a six year age different between us. However, we've been mistaken for the other and often finish each others sentences. A7: Random fact- "The Mona Lisa has her own mailbox in the Louvre because of all the love letters she receives." Useless talent- A good memory but it's more of an issue than worth having. A8: Grilled squid, ketchup and black coffee. A9: Miss Cowgirl Kathy? Should I bring the lasso on stage? A10: To be fucking useful, probably. A 11: I wash the soap out of my eyes at record speed. That way the shower demon doesn't sneak up on me.
  15. Hey, I remember you! What an unfortunate way to get reacquainted with someone and what they've been up to. I'm glad you came out the other side learning more about yourself and various other types of relationships. At least there was something you could take away from this in the end. A sentiment I can't agree more with. Not particularly over a partner (my ex was a wonderful companion), overall with general relationships. I feel like I gave a lot of my time and energy to people that hardly ever appreciated it in the past. Breaking away from those kinds of bad habits is absolutely liberating.
  16. It's going to take me forever to virtually do anything in Elden Ring, so I've mostly opted for Gran Turismo 7 instead. Great game but a little disappointed with the online features and the credit fix after the first update.
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