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  1. Was short on time so I grabbed a bag of sunflower seeds.
  2. Doing good. Got a lot done today. The new cell actually syncs up to my car. Waiting on traffic isn't too bad with the right kind of music. Having a few peanuts with a cold glass of fruit water. Sister called and filled up the weekend with new errands to run after work. Only said yes because we struck a deal to go half on dinner at a new dockside restaurant here. Should be fun, haven't caught up with her in a while.
  3. Re-watching Stranger Things while I wait for S4 Volume/Part 2. Has a good storyline, I swear.
  4. One of my favorite anime couples. Also Yuta is kind of adorable but I've adopted too many sons already.
  5. On the rare occasion that I use the set, I'll think of your mother too. Thanks for sharing an interest of hers. I don't have the full tea set in the images but the design theme is the same.
  6. Just a handcrafted golden floral spoon to complete my tea set. Matched the bone china my mother gave me as a gift. The set means a lot to me because of how it was handed down into my care. Then I saw this spoon and it reminded me of my mother.
  7. Haven't had much time recently for more immersive games (). Just a little Killer Instinct on the SNES.
  8. The Boxer, chapter 52. Chapter 37 is my favorite this far in. Jay is proving to be an incredible character. His sudden development was surprising and well written. Love how Jung Ji-Hoon kept him in the background until now. It's satisfying in context of where the storyline is currently at.
  9. The 6th season to the Peaky Blinders was okay. Not my favorite thus far. Rest easy Helen McCrory. It was truly a different show without her.
  10. It's been a good journey. Got a second job repairing instruments for the brass section of orchestra/bands. I do welding, soldering, dent-work and wash. Just until early Autumn. Currently sharing a station with three other amazing repair techs. I'll be moving into a new home soon too⁠, possibly in the new year⁠—early Spring. That way my mother can move in and I can take care of her better. There's two extra bedrooms for future planning. I'm in a good place to start a family and put down some roots. Looking forward to that particular chapter in life. Other than that it's been the usual. Hobbies, always learning and coming into new creative projects. Hope everyone has a fresh week ahead!
  11. Eeeeee!!! 😍😍😍

    Anyone a RE fan? 

    RE4 is also getting a remake and it looks good! 

    1. viruxx


      Not a long-time fan, per se, but this looks like it will be amazing. I see Village on Steam every now and again.

      Are there any backstories from previous installments of RE that would make this one hard to follow if I just started here? Or could I just start here and not miss anything?

    2. Hällregn



      It's a good game, unfortunately it has a great deal to do with previous RE titles. One of the main reveals of Village connects to various other games. Sorry. :(

    3. viruxx


      Ahh well, I guess I could do a little digging into it later on. Right now, I'm mainly enjoying the suspense as I progress through the game. Never know when someone or something is going to jump out at me. 😨

  12. Hällregn

    Gaming chat

    Okay, this one I'm excited about!
  13. I wish Balalaika would put her cigar out on my face and crush me with her thighs.
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