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  1. Waiting to go to a graduation ceremony, so I'm just relaxing.
  2. Venturing into Discord has been okay but that has its own set of issues. Talking with you and other gaming buddies I've met here and MAL has been fun. Even when we're all scrambling to find an opening in our schedules. Reminds me of when I used to hang with school mates on PS Home. VR hangouts look exciting but also like my age group wouldn't belong. Lots of behavior and humor that I "wouldn't understand". Most of these platforms cater to youth and crowds I wouldn't have any business/interest in. So as far as chat groups- etc. goes, it's a very specific social gathering. Vice-versa forum users. I personally don't see any social detachment with the whole text vs. vocal/video presence. If you don't vibe with someone it's a shame but it happens all the time, anywhere. Speaking on the forum aspect of things, having Anime/Manga themed challenges might be good? I've been getting into them on MAL and Ani. Some of them don't require time limits, so you can mingle with users that share similar progress pacing. Spoiler chats always bring people together when discussing challenge progression and AF has spoiler tags that are massively underutilized. There's also no skillset that would exclude members from participating. E.g. Not everyone is an artist or a poet. Something of this nature may aid users in expressing their love for a show or manga? Just a thought! Sorry if it's a poor one.
  3. I added my thoughts in the message reply so the thread doesn't go off topic.
  4. ~~Excited squeaking noises.~~ 😍


  5. Really happy. Lots of good things going on.
  6. What did you think of the Black Adam trailer? 

    Looking forward, hopefully it will be good. 

    The Sandman finally has a release date. Can't wait to see what they've done with it!

  7. Schubert, in modern times, discovers self-opening doors. Also tests the commitment of door greeters.
  8. If your butt gets stuck again that's the last time I'm helping you up. Smh, dirty dishes is a cosmic disturbance in the force. The reach of your laziness will be felt from space. Feeling really good this morning. New cellphone might come in today. Speaking of dishes, I had ordered a new set a few days ago. Should be here soon. Been thinking about doing a livestream manga series on YouTube. Brainstorming the concept but not sure if I can fit it into the schedule yet. Giving my favorite fur buddy tummy rubs and seeing his happy tail wag always makes my mornings anyway.
  9. Slam Dunk episode 50. Ace of the Diamond episode 7. Fire Force episode 2.
  10. 50 episodes in and I finally have a favorite character. Guy just wants to play his favorite sport and sleep all day. Best AMV of the character on YouTube, please show the creator some love if you liked the video! Great song, good clips. The 3:26+ mark gave me chills. Kaede is a beast on the court.
  11. Hällregn

    Gaming chat

    A little hyped for Street Fighter 6. Some of the redesigns I've seen look incredible!
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