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  1. Think I've done all there is to do in Far Cry 6. I still have the game's ending to do but I'm kind of burned-out on it now. Getting overpowered via the side quests isn't helping the main storyline seem all that appealing anymore. Gran Turismo 7.
  2. Suit yourself but I'm responsible for keeping the secret nerd layer's sofa nice and warm! So what's your first order as president?
  3. Viktoria was one of my inspirations a few years ago. It's so cool that her creative projects are getting talked about again.
  4. Beck is one of my favorites! It's a bit dated but I love it. Maybe one day they'll redo it. I've read the manga a dozen times already.
  5. Isn't that how we survive? Join the circus and take a bow at the end. Pfff, we're the coolest losers I know. We've got our own official prez (pats Otaking66lives on the back). Who miiight have been elected by drawing straws.
  6. Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the SNES.
  7. This and Shaun of the Dead. Hilariously good.
  8. We've got members jackets and everything.
  9. My dad has a cat and feeds two others that come around his property. I believe you.
  10. Strawberry milk and a bowl of sliced bananas, grapes and kiwi.
  11. Was doing some online shopping and:


    Makes sense to me, I guess. 

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    2. Hällregn


      @Kit I found a video of you trying to join the Avengers. 😆

    3. Kit


      The situation is uncanny but do I have the confidence to be this sassy? XD 

      My summer work has officially started and I'm already tired. Lol

    4. Hällregn


      If you had the confidence, Lord have mercy on us all. 🤣 

      Don't overwork yourself, just try to hang in there. 😔🤗 You can do it!! 🥳

  12. Pretty much how I felt when I first saw this anime but it was ages ago. Would love to revisit it again! Hopefully Milly and Meryl are still one of my favorite duos. I remember liking when they were on screen.
  13. My brother doesn't want his kiddos indoors too much this Summer, so I got my nephews this today. Haven't played in ages, should be a hilarious spectacle.
  14. Got back into Slam Dunk after getting into the anime.
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