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  1. Finished Dawang Raoming/Da Wang Rao Ming. Putting it down as one of my favorite donghua!
  2. Episode 6 of Dawang Raoming. Episode 5 of Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan. Episode 47 of Slam Dunk. Actually, the AWC on anilist got me back into anime. Currently doing the Sports and Initial D challenges.
  3. Did you like it? I saw it yesterday with my nephews.
  4. I took a break from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, I've been getting back to it.
  5. This has been me my whole life. I kind of feel like I let a lot of opportunities go by. My biggest issue is being afraid that I won't be able to make time for someone. There's not a lot of people that understand the extra work involved in my life at the moment. I'm trapped between the off-chance that there's someone secure enough to and that I deserve to give it a chance. Teamwork.
  6. Like a dooork. I've been getting to know this guy that works at a pet store for a few months now. We both kind of have an 80's- modern mesh style and that's what made us start talking. We're also big nerds. We talk tabletop and comics and of course, dogs. Among other stuff. Today he was telling me how he was late to work and didn't get to grab a coffee like he usually did. It's a coffee place across the street so I went ahead and got him one. He seemed really surprised and happy about it. He asked if we could trade numbers but I scrunched my nose and told him that it might not be a good idea. He said it was cool and that he understood. We talked real quick about Stranger Things (they were selling pet merch. of the series) and it's one of his favorite shows. Whyyyy. Why was it so difficult to consider trading numbers. I really like this guy.
  7. Not a Japanese anime but a Donghua. Spare Me, Great Lord! At a snail's pace, I've been watching one episode every Sunday. So naturally I'm only on episode 4. Edit: Enjoying it so far, it's fun and I'm really interested in the concept.
  8. Very rarely. Speaking of trains, we did follow these old tracks to a haunted Native valley a few times. Never jumped on a train though. Oh, we never found any ghosts either. What was your favorite song back then?
  9. Those were the fun days! I remember staying out all day with my friends from the neighborhood and school. We did all kinds of activities. Basketball, baseball, volleyball, tetherball, skating, cycling, boating at the lake. We would ride bikes to arcades and event restaurants that had games. X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, House of the Dead, Ghosts'N Goblins. My favorite thing ever as a teen was getting a cherry snow cone/shaved ice after a sports game. Kicking off the shoes and socks, laying on the grass. My favorite sound was the hum of the street lights and my friends' banter behind that. I really miss that. Being an adult is boring.
  10. Yes and I like roller skating too. Used to play street hockey as a kid. I'm really happy that skating isn't dead where I'm at. There's just less of it. I've been ice skating as well, casually.
  11. My lock screen has family and friends but my home screen is this.
  12. Finished Stranger Things S4, was so good!
  13. Welcome to the VIP Loser Club. Services include being a loser in dreams, alternate realities, reincarnation, multidimensional spaces and time travel. We're still working out the kinks on that last one though.
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