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  1. 1 hour ago, Kit said:

    Always looking on the brightside XD

    The what now? 😆 Just to clarify, I don't really follow celebrities or what they do in their lives but I heard he's kinda whacky. Just commenting in regards to acting. 🙃

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  2. On 5/20/2022 at 3:22 AM, Kit said:

    How on mobile? XD 

    Jimmy is cool but saul is superior imo. Ever want to roll the world after being dealt a bad hand all your life. Yeah in my opinion I don't think it was wrong to expose Chuck for his illness it was a big problem, hurting people and he wasn't getting treated. 

    I use mobile a lot too. 😆 You could also check to see if your device can use a Desktop version of the site. 


    You'll get all the features you normally would on a desktop or laptop. 

    Noooo. 😭 I already miss fun, mischievous Jimmy. Now he's just obnoxious. 

    Planning to watch the Sound of Magic soon. 

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  3. On 4/23/2022 at 12:53 AM, Kit said:

    Jared Leto can't catch a break. Morbius was just as bad as his Joker. 

    Just saw this yesterday because I was initially skeptical and wow. Terrible CGI, bad script. I feel bad for Leto because he's a decent actor that gets mixed in bad projects.

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  4. 21 hours ago, deaaath said:

    This is VERY exciting news, this is great. 2022 has many great anime coming out and a film adaptation of the manga "Blue Giant" is one of those anime I'm looking forward to. 

    Now, reading the manga, this is surely a great upcoming film i've been waiting for. I'm excited to see the animation of the musicians, and the audio of the music that is heavily praised in the manga. This is a jazz based manga, about a kid who goes to tokyo to pursue a dream of becoming a great jazz player, and I have high hopes for the animation of his journey and adaptation of the actual manga. 

    About the Manga
    "Blue Giant" is heavily dedicated to the craft of jazz, if you love jazz, then you'll love this manga. It's an illustration of a kid named Dai Miyamoto on his journey honing his skill in the tenor sax, soon he moves to japan after high school pursuing a life long dream of his. ;) 

    This is fantastic, thanks for posting the news here! I have the 1-2 vol. Omnibus but have only read up to vol. 4 - no idea they were making a film! Super psyched, probably the best anime related information I've heard in quite a while. <3 

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  5. 18 hours ago, Kit said:

    Is that your final answer? XD you're in for a surprise when jimmy turns saul but idk chuck was an asshole. I think he helped create saul when I looked back on it. 

    Use the spoiler tags! 😠

    I'm on season 5 now. 😭


    Jimmy has caved and wants to officially be referred to as Saul now. S4 concluded with him being arrogant and cold. Shocking Kim and other characters. 

    Eh, maybe? Maybe Jimmy could have had a decent shot at being reformed if it wasn't for Chuck. I love that the characters aren't poles of absolutes though. Both Jimmy and Chuck had issues with one another but they also loved each other too. It seems like Chuck's anger and somewhat jealousy of Jimmy was a little misplaced. He did care about him, despite being the bigger prick. 🤣 I mean, Chuck lied to Jimmy about their mother and ultimately broke him by saying, out of anger, that he never loved Jimmy. None of this got to be resolved though because well, Chuck was Chuck. It was also difficult to lay blame on Chuck because of his mental illness. I mean, being a caregiver to someone for years for them to eventually tell you that they hate you, don't support or believe in you and that they never loved you. I can see why Jimmy broke down and changed for the worse. 😣

    It was inevitable though, Saul in Breaking Bad is a mostly bad than good character. The transformation is heartbreaking though. Like Jimmy gave up on himself.

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