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  1. When I was a kid, Candyland and Monopoly were the main ones I liked playing.

    These days, my two personal favorites are Carcassone and Hive. Small World is a lot of fun too, and it's even better if you have more players. If you play with the right company, Cards Against Humanity also makes for a quite amusing time.

  2. Watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood again. I feel like this is one of those movies that requires more than one viewing. I always seem to see something new that I missed from the last time I watched it.

    There's a line that Leo DiCaprio's character Rick Dalton says at the end of the film about the hippies not being alright that always cracks me up:


    WARNING: Strong Language


    The entire ending scene is just gruesome and bloody and yet still downright hilarious. 🤣 Easily one of my favorite Tarantino films.

  3. I started over and watched Zom 100 from the beginning to get back up to speed. I watched the first 5 episodes a few months back, but since I had put this show on ice for so long, I felt I needed to refresh my memory on the beginning.

    I actually enjoyed this anime, it was a lot of fun, despite the subject matter and there being a lot of (un)death throughout the series. I find the MC oddly relatable in many ways, perhaps with the exception that I'd be that thrilled during a zombie apocalypse. In the first episode, he says, "There's one thing I think of before I sleep... Please let me sleep, and never wake up." I've had that thought a few times in the recent past, and for mostly the same reasons as Akira. Being overworked and not having much of a work-life balance, and not being able to just up and quit due to me owning the business versus just working for it. Thankfully, I've been able to readjust my outlook towards it and I no longer think that thought, but I definitely relate to Akira when he said that. I'm glad he got to get away from that hell he was in and can do the things he now wants to do that he couldn't before. Just sucks that it took the zombie apocalypse to make it happen for him, but I admire his upbeat attitude during all of it.

    Now I'm gonna try to finish up Spy x Family S2. After that, I'm considering watching Vinland Saga.

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