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  1. Apparently, Monday is also the day of the week that one might most likely suffer a deadly heart attack.
  2. ====== I've been watching the new Shogun TV series on Hulu. It's actually a pretty good show overall, although I do have one minor caveat with it. I feel that Blackthorne and Mariko-san's relationship in the new series is a bit forced. It's almost like they're avoiding it as hard as they possibly can until just before the major event of Mariko-san's mission take place (those of you familiar with the older show or the book probably know what I'm talking about). There just doesn't seem to be much chemistry between them, IMO. Seems like in the old series from the 80s with Richard Chamberlain, they portrayed their relationship as a kind of "slow burn", and then it really took off from there a little longer before said events occurred in the storyline. Apart from that, it's still a good show worth checking out.
  3. Physically, I'm 37, but mentally, I probably am more like 9 or 10.... or at least I try to be as often as I possibly can. Don't act your age, act your spirit instead.
  4. I'm trying to remember the word for white in French, but for some reason my mind is going blanc.
  5. Nah, I’m going a little later in the week. I didn’t get any glasses to look at the eclipse, but the sunlight here in NC had darkened a bit for a couple of hours in the afternoon. It’s pretty much gone back to normal now, though.
  6. I'm gonna be pipin' down in Chicago next weekend! First time ever visiting up there.
  7. Excited, because I'm still able to go to Chicago next week. Was able to make some calls and get the backup needed to help hold down the restaurant while I'm away. Almost thought I wouldn't get to go.
  8. Every now and again, I pop into DA to look around. I like looking at various ink drawings sometimes, and ashpwright is one deviant I follow there that does good work. Soul Pipe Cyber Kamehameha Brushwork
  9. While that is probably true, it also sounds pretty tasty.
  10. I'd casually say, "Relax" and set off firecrackers immediately after. Rinse, repeat.
  11. Been working my through Vikings, currently on S3. Also, I'm watching the new Shogun miniseries on Hulu. I have yet to watch the latest episode, but I'll probably do that tomorrow evening after work.
  12. I was kissing my girlfriend on the couch the other night. She said, “Let’s take this into the bedroom.” I said, “Ok, you grab the other end.”
  13. Richtig (correct, right) Hopefully no one’s opposed to me using a little German vocabulary here and there.
  14. Not yet, but I’m sure we could get some kicked off soon.
  15. @Animedragon and I certainly do have that capacity, don't we? ^^
  16. Hopefully she will be able to put up some resistance to that temptation.
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