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  1. I appear to have run out of slaps for the time being... bummer. Haven't used any kisses yet, so I'll go with a kiss. You good with milk chocolate, or do you like the almond variety?
  2. They The part that says "Parties are fun, unless it goes south, because Gremlins attacked addicts at Grandma’s house party going full crazy." cracks me up.
  3. DC for the villains Marvel for Deadpool
  4. Full Edit: Because I seem to have nothing better to do after work, I thought I'd take it upon myself to compile the entire story up to this point. What the hell am I doing with my life?
  5. Yeah, I got lucky with my current setup in much the same way. I was able to keep some components from the previous build (mainly the case and PSU), so that helped a bit with the cost. But even then, the GPU was the most costly component I got, followed by the CPU. If I were to consider upgrading again, I might give one of AMD's cards a go (my last rig had an RX550, but it was a replacement for my old nVidia 8800GTX that died). Maybe my brother will be able to find something with decent specs for a decent price when he's ready to pull the trigger.
  6. I admit, I haven't been keeping up with anything in the realm of computron hardware in the past couple years. Still rockin' my rig with no problems. But, my brother mentioned the other day that he wants to upgrade his PC at some point this year, so maybe I should start looking into it a bit more.
  7. "On the plus side, I am completely immune to flashbang grenades." - Helen Keller.... (probably)
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