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  1. I'm of a mind with @Animedragon. I think it's nice if two potential partners happen to share common interests, but speaking from my personal experience, having things in common does not necessarily equal being compatible. My ex and I had a ton of shared interests, and things were great between us for the first few months of that relationship. But, the more we learned about each other personally, the more different we discovered we were from each other, and the more miserable we both became in it. Our core values didn't align at all, and none of those common interests made one bit of difference in the end. So, I'll reiterate Mr. Dragon's point about being cautious about seeking out such relationships based solely on interests.

    As for creating an anime-centric dating site... I suspect the results of that would be about the same as it would be on the usual go-to apps (Hinge, Tinder, Bumble, etc.). You might (keyword: might) get lucky if you live in or near a major city, but for most folks like myself that live out in the sticks and have to drive well over an hour away to get to said cities, the pickings tend to be quite slim.

  2. Full

    Edit: Because I seem to have nothing better to do after work, I thought I'd take it upon myself to compile the entire story up to this point. What the hell am I doing with my life? 😭


    The monster is sexy and stubborn but generous. Until a thief stolen his Mojo Jojo wrecks his face. Then, it’s a shock cause pain caused by failure somehow makes it worse. Miraculously, somehow they cancer caused stone broke. Tonight vengeance arrives never reducing nothing although can will triumph? Happiness despair and chimichangas yum! Absolutely delicious! Thank you very much kind person. Greetings, world today we will move to Japan for our favourite hobby which is anime! So off we go but before we do anything else we should say that we estimate a spacecraft was overhead moving quickly towards the west continent to procure the artifact from those unenlightened beings and bring it back to base for testing. After that we can determine where the other one is acquired from the extraterrestrials that would use them against humanity. Fortunately, the fiends weren’t competent enough to use their computers directly to reverse engineer the code systematically, which would mean that these aliens have discovered new ways for utilization of the death of our species critical development unless Virgin Mobile phone is disabled and righteous. Thus far, it has proven the critics thoughs were processes for evil. Parties are fun, unless it goes south, because Gremlins attacked addicts at Grandma’s house party going full


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  3. 16 hours ago, efaardvark said:

    I really haven't been keeping up either.  I lost a lot of interest when GPU prices hit 4 digits.  😱  Prior to covid I was probably averaging about a 4 year cycle on builds if you include upgrades.  (IOW ~4 years to replace everything even if piece-by-piece.)  My timing was lucky enough that I'd done my last major build just about a year before the lockdowns.  Then I was so busy during and prices so high - if parts were even available - that I simply stopped paying attention.

    The only thing I've bought in the last 5 years or so was a new GFX card when my old RX480 finally died.  The replacement was a 6600XT too.  Not exactly a top-tier item.  Only lately have I had some spare time to start thinking in any seriousness about a new build but I'm finding prices are still quite the show-stopper.

    Yeah, I got lucky with my current setup in much the same way. I was able to keep some components from the previous build (mainly the case and PSU), so that helped a bit with the cost. But even then, the GPU was the most costly component I got, followed by the CPU. If I were to consider upgrading again, I might give one of AMD's cards a go (my last rig had an RX550, but it was a replacement for my old nVidia 8800GTX that died). Maybe my brother will be able to find something with decent specs for a decent price when he's ready to pull the trigger.

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