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    drawing, Saw, Heathers, music, vtubers (especially Nijisanji EN)
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  1. I'm so sunburnt after swim school. The back of my neck is literally red

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    2. Kōyamaki


      and the trees don't look quite like that, haha

      Depends on where you are. I know that any of the various native Cypress could also be used for such purposes also. I guess I'm just really partial to the Norfolk Island "Pines". Kinda odd how a tiny little island situated between New Caledonia and New Zealand became an Australian territory.

    3. KaiyaSaysHaiya


      true, true

      hm, that is pretty interesting. I might even look into it (if I can be bothered) 🕵️♀️

    4. Kōyamaki


      Although Australia may be all that you have ever known, believe me when I tell you that it is one of the most colourful locations in the entire globe. I have never set foot there in my entire life and I am intrigued by all the amazing things I have read about it. Although much of it is parched desert, it is teeming with biodiversity of every description. In the way of flora, there is arguably the greatest amount of Cycad diversity anywhere on the planet, only being rivaled by Central and South America. From the "Bottle Trees" or "Kurrajongs" ( genus: Brachychiton ) to the Eucalyptids, and the Tree Ferns ( Cyathea & Dicksonia ), Palms ( Arecacea ) and the Wollemi Pine ( Wollemia nobilis ), Australia has many spectacular natural wonders. Although the real world may seem mundane compared to the fictitious worlds in anime, there are many interesting things to explore and discover if you are willing to look. I actually find it quite therapeutic to find escape in these type of things from that which hurts my soul.

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