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  1. I myself am not a furry, but I do have some furry friends who love anime
  2. yesterday I started watching The Wind Rises! I'll probably finish it tomorrow. I have actually started watching it before with my cousin, but she got bored so we turned it off, haha. Love it, though. Jirō is cool ^^
  3. I've been practising my anatomy a lot these past few days, and really been trying to focus more on the overall structure of the muscles and torso. The first drawing is one I doodled in English class today, the second one I just finished. I messed up the perspective but overall I'm proud ^^ just a quick warning for a shirtless woman (I'm not 100% if I can post this, so, uh, yippee ig)
  4. it's been SOO hot these past few days. It's only the start of spring and it's been reaching 35°C ☹

  5. while it is true that the characters themselves are fictional, these are still real people depicting minors in adult ways and putting them in such situations. There are actual people creating and looking at children like this and enjoying it. Fictional or not, a child is still a child and adults are putting them in sexual situations. It doesn't matter if the character is real or not.
  6. this!! I couldn't stress it enough It's honestly disgusting how sexualized minors are in anime and manga, and how normalised it's become too. Even things such as sailor uniforms are so fetishized and sexualised to the point it's almost considered normal. The last time I checked, they are worn by middle schoolers. Middle schoolers. It's such a big issue, and I can see why it's one of the reasons a lot of people turn away from giving anime/manga a chance.
  7. I wasn't sure whether or not I should hide this as a spoiler, soo possibly My Happy Marriage spoilers ig
  8. I ban you for replying to such an old thread! Do you not know the danger you have exposed us all to by committing such a heinous crime?!
  9. I've been watching My Happy Marriage, and oh my god I loved the duel between Kiyoka and Arata! You really got to see more into their characters and it left me on the edge of my seat this is the best picture I could find ☹
  10. I continued watching Monster today! It's just as good as I remember
  11. I don't really watch anime too often anymore, but when I'm stressed out I do like to watch Fruits Basket 2019! It's both depressing and funny so I find it helps me out a bit
  12. I accidentally reseted my progress in FNaF 2 I was on night 5 too
  13. Rainforest! I love the heat but the desert is just too much die young or live eternally?
  14. KaiyaSaysHaiya

    Junji Ito

    I've only read one, I think it was about a guy with bats? I dunno, but I enjoyed it I've also seen bits and pieces of his other work and have been thinking of reading them
  15. while I'm definitely not the sporty type, I think I'd rather do that with some friends than go to a museum alone dancing or singing?
  16. I'm not sure I can help with the lawyer type stuff, but a very cute and wholesome anime for me is K-On!! there's also the Studio Ghibli movies, but if you're just going for a wholesome watch I'd go with Ponyo or maybe Kiki's Delivery Service and there's also Kotaro Lives Alone. It's very wholesome but also quite sad, so if you're not really looking to cry maybe not this one lol
  17. I like you because you're also very friendly on here! I've said this before, but your pfp is also really cool so that too ^^
  18. that's a really tough one, but at the moment I'd have to go with anime! piano or keyboard?
  19. I love the Studio Ghibli soundtracks! They're all amazing, really
  20. it looks amazing!! I love the very stylised face <33 that looks really cool! I've always found the Penrose triangle very interesting
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