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  1. i'd just like to apologise for some of my past responses to this thread. while i still stand by what i said, tha minors should not be sexualised in anime (or any media) my previous reasons were just stupid little things with nothing to back them up.

  2. anime comes in all kinds of shapes and forms with different genres, music and, of course, art! so what are some of your favourite anime artstyles?

    being an artist myself, whenever i watch something i can't help but admire the different styles and artistic aspects, so i definitely have to few. the first being...

    violet evergarden! an amazing show with a stunning artstyle. every scene is gorgeous <33


    next we have bubble! there are some absolutely breathtaking scenes in this anime that never fail to deliver


    next up, we have a more generic (but equally as amazing) one. heaven official's blessing ^^ i don't know what it is about this artstyle, but i find it very satisfying. also the art in the opening and closing??? HELLO?????


    this time, a very different approach to the anime style. panty and stocking! it's a very unique style that stands out, and i love it with its vibrant colours and bold shapes


    and how could i forget the studio ghibli artstyle??? it's iconic and beautiful (not to mention the food! it always looks delicious 😋)



    and finally, we have danganronpa. while i will admit it doesn't have the prettiest style, danganronpa has been one of my favourite franchises for years now, and it's had a big impact on many aspects of my life, including my own artstyle for a long time! it's iconic, and one i hold dearly to my heart <33



    but yeah, this isn't even the tip of the iceberg! some honourable mentions are: neon genesis evangelion, toilet bound hanako kun, kotaro live alone and many more ^^

  3. 18 hours ago, Animedragon said:

    I wish you a Very Happy Birthday and hope you have a very enjoyable day.



    12 hours ago, viruxx said:

    Happy Birthday to you! I hope you've had a good one! 🥳

    tysm both of you! <33

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  4. On 12/24/2023 at 7:26 PM, Animedragon said:

    The three TV series and the movie are on HiDive while Crunchyroll has the new series BanG Dream It's MyGo!!!!! along with the movies; Film Live 2nd Stage, Poppin Dream and the two Roselia movies.

    All watched on my TV which is hooked up to the computer in the lounge via HDMI.

    ah, okay. thank you! ^^

  5. over these past few months i've been really getting into vtubers, so now i'm curious, are there any other fans on here? i think vtubers and anime are definitely connected in one way or another, and although liking one of them certainly doesn't mean you have to like the other, i know there's a fair few vtuber fans who like anime and vice-versa!


  6. i'll be honest, i'm not very active on here anymore, but i'll try to be! maybe i'll try and get back into some more anime again, idk.

    no promises though 😭

    but yeah, i think you're definitely right that some more interaction between members would be nice. it's a very lovely community on here, and it certainly wouldn't hurt to do more ^^

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  7. On 12/20/2023 at 8:26 AM, Animedragon said:

    I've been rewatching the BanG Dream TV series, BanG Dream is a large multi-media franchise, and the three TV series feature several girl bands. The storyline is centred on one of the bands, but they don't appear in every episode so the other bands get their share of screen time.
    The storyline follows the bands as they perform on stage at various Live Houses and later on as some of they take part in a band competition. The artwork and animation is of good quality as is the character development and story pacing. Being a series about bands means there's a lot of music the musical style of the bands varies and the majority of the songs a quite good.
    One slight problem is that for the 1st series there are no subtitles for the songs, the 2nd and 3rd series are better in this respect but there are still a few songs that aren't subtitled.
    Overall, I enjoyed watching these series for the second time.

    oh, bang dream! i play the game (or at least i DID until the new update made it unplayable, cough cough) but i've been meaning to watch it as well. may i ask what you watched on?


    after QUITE some time, i finally finished S1 of kimi ni todoke/from me to you! it's such a cute series and i can't wait to get started on S2. sawako and kazehaya make me very happy 🤧

  8. i'm gonna add onto what i said earlier as well. another issue that i've noticed is that actual art is constantly being accused as ai art. this issue definitely has less to do with the ai itself and more to do so with the art community, but i'm CONSTANTLY seeing ppl post their speed paints/art processes just for the comment sections to be filled with ppl accusing the creator of using ai. that rlly sucks bc ppl put a lot of work into their art just for it to be put down as ai generated.


    another worry i have which has more to do with the ai itself is that as ai improves, will we stop requiring actual artists? ai is improving more and more as each day passes, constantly getting better at generating images and doing all sorts of things. the quality of the images produced is getting higher and i can't help but wonder, will ai art override real art? we're already seeing ppl using it to show what their characters/ocs look like, or to claim as their own worl, so how long will it be until companies and businesses start using ai? will they start to use ai instead if hiring real ppl to do the work? as i said, ai is improving and growing so quickly,  who knows what could happen. i just hope this doesn't happen, bc as quick and easy ai art is to use, as an artist myself i'd be devastated to see it overtake real works ppl have put their time and effort into.

  9. On 12/6/2023 at 9:35 AM, Clayton said:

    There's this hentai called Milk Mommy or something that I found creepy. This woman has a fetish for feeding people her milk, but then she ends up killing both her lovers and her daughter. 

    this is the last thing i expected to hear today but, uh, i guess i heard it 😃😄😃


    now don't get me wrong, i LOVE Violet Evergarden with all my heart. it's one of my absolute favourite series, however nothing is perfect, and unfortunately Violet Evergarden has it's moments too. that scene where it's revealed that Violet and Gilbert end up getting together and stuff has always made me feel a little sick to the stomach. you can argue that it's legal because Violet has turned 18 by this time, however age gaps like this (especially in scenarios like this) never sit right me. i just think this was very unnecessary and kind of ruins the whole relationship built between Violet and Gilbert. no romantic interest was needed.


  10. as an artist myself, i'm definitely not the biggest fan of AI art. as somebody who's spent years of their life working hard to improve their art, seeing somebody just click a button and claim that as their own definitely annoys me. not to mention that it steals the work that others have worked very hard on. i think AI can be a fun little thing to play around with, but once it starts to steal art and have people use it and call that their own work, that's where i have issues.

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  11. I'm not a cosplayer but oh my god I would KILL to start doing it! I've wanted to do it for a long time but wouldn't even know where to get started lol

    anyways, I LOVEEEEEE Heathers and cosplaying Heather Chandler would be so cool (the middle girl)! I think I'd have to go with the Off-Broadway outfit, although some of her outfits in the movie are pretty cool too ^^


    I'd also love to cosplay the Puppet from FNaF! Here's s cool cosplay I found. The makeup is so pretty <33



    also for me, I LOVE cosplays that add lots of extra accessories and things like bright hairclips, or corsets and stuff like that. I do like cosplsys that are completely accurate to their characters, but I've always felt adding extra details always makes them more fun and unique!

  12. why do you think these people are sexualising minors, though? They could always create and consume such content involving adult characters, but they have chosen to draw children in sexual situations nonetheless. This brings us back to the point that the fiction we create reflects our real world values and such, at least to some extent. If these people want to view sexual content, there is a very wide variety of it involving overage characters, but they have willingly created and viewed sexual content of children. Fictional or not, why are people choosing to look at this stuff? They could be looking at adult content involving adult characters, so why are children getting involved? And going back to what was mentioned earlier about moral, would this not mean people think it's morally acceptable to look at and perceive children in such manners?

    so no, not everyone who enjoys this content is going to go out and abuse real life children or find them attractive, but the fact that they like this stuff shows that they think it is acceptable to sexualise minors, and that in itself is problematic.

    edit: btw please don't take this with negative connotation! If I'm sounding aggressive or anything that is completely unintentional

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