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  1. KaiyaSaysHaiya

    Junji Ito

    I've only read one, I think it was about a guy with bats? I dunno, but I enjoyed it I've also seen bits and pieces of his other work and have been thinking of reading them
  2. while I'm definitely not the sporty type, I think I'd rather do that with some friends than go to a museum alone dancing or singing?
  3. I'm not sure I can help with the lawyer type stuff, but a very cute and wholesome anime for me is K-On!! there's also the Studio Ghibli movies, but if you're just going for a wholesome watch I'd go with Ponyo or maybe Kiki's Delivery Service and there's also Kotaro Lives Alone. It's very wholesome but also quite sad, so if you're not really looking to cry maybe not this one lol
  4. I like you because you're also very friendly on here! I've said this before, but your pfp is also really cool so that too ^^
  5. that's a really tough one, but at the moment I'd have to go with anime! piano or keyboard?
  6. I love the Studio Ghibli soundtracks! They're all amazing, really
  7. it looks amazing!! I love the very stylised face <33 that looks really cool! I've always found the Penrose triangle very interesting
  8. I was wondering, what do you think defines think defines an anime? When does does it go from a typical cartoon to an anime? I'm not actually sure so I'm curious to see what you guys say!
  9. the other day I decided to rewatch Howl's Moving Castle!! It's one of my absolute favourite movies now and it's started a Studio Ghibli obsession lol. I finished watching Kiki's Delivery service a few minutes ago and I'm deciding which one to watch next
  10. taking headphones off after listening to music for 5 hours straight definitely feels strange

    1. Animedragon


      A friendly word of advice. Wearing headphones for too long can damage your hearing, so be careful with the volume level.

    2. KaiyaSaysHaiya


      I'll have to keep that in mind 😭

  11. I'm listening to Melanie Martinez's album Portals rn! Spider Web just finished a second ago and now Leeches is playing.
  12. I'm not sure if I can say 'something from my childhood' just yet lmao, but I do have some things from when I was younger. I have this little Christmas picture frame I painted when I was in year 1 for school. It has a picture of my class from when I was little in it. I had to change schools in year 5 and that absolutely broke my heart, so I used to find myself looking at the picture a lot. I tend to get really attached to people lol I also have this little fairy doll I got from my grandfather who passed away a few years ago. It's fairly broken and beat up, and dolls scare the crap out of me, but I love it nonetheless. It just stays out of sight where I can't see it lmao. I think she's still really pretty, even if she's missing a leg <33 Excuse the low quality image
  13. I have long, fairly straight hair. I'd say it probably goes from the middle to bottom of my back, but I usually have it tied up so I don't even notice lmao I'm not very observant of this stuff I was thinking of maybe betting curtain bangs at some point. They seem cool
  14. I continued watching Kimi Ni Todoke yesterday!! I took a big break break from watching anime, but I'm starting to get back into it now and I think I'm actually enjoying this series more than I did before.
  15. it's a fairly old picture, but here are our two dogs Luna and Spudwick! Luna's just resting but Spud looks like he's out to murder lol
  16. new favourite art!! I did this at school yesterday. Literally in love with it <33 The eye are very far apart but otherwise I'd say it looks good
  17. home-made meat pies my Mum makes the best ones I'd also say water but that's not that Interesting lol
  18. "I'll take a potato chip... And eat it!!"
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