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    madoka magicka
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    snow white with the red hair
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    Slice of Life
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    hanayo, nami, Nagisa/bebe, chise, shirayuki
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  1. I have used both illegal and legal sites both in the past and currently. I pay for multiple streaming services but if the show i want to watch isnt on any of them then i will watch it wherever i can and then support the show by buying the dvds when they get releashed in future.
  2. Question, what cakes would you like to eat at a maid cafe?

    The con im working at in 2 weeks has given me 8 slots to fill and im struggling to think of cakes to make/get

    rough ideas so far are

    -black forest gateu
    -eton mess
    -carrot cake

    I also need to take these cakes down to the very bottom of the UK. halp me decide or give suggestions

    1. Animedragon


      Coffee and Walnut cake is quite popular.

    2. efaardvark


      I like cheesecake.. but also the "foam" cakes like angel food and sponge cakes.  Angel with a bit of fruit topping of some sort is yum.  Then there's lemon bars, maybe with a cup of tea or coffee.

      Thank you, now I'm hungry.  :D

    3. Soramee_


      Maybe cheesecake would be nice. I don’t know how hard it is to make though

  3. omg i have seen this or at least the manga/manwha version of it. i will try my best to find out the name for you
  4. Kuroshitsuji giving me major trust issues and creep vibes on the chapters.

    Last chapter with a certain someone reappearing who i thought was dead. Poor Finny just seems so on guard and with good reason

    And the orphanage seem to be essentially training the children to become there own versions of the Phantomhive Manor??

  5. Ngl i would pay stupid amounts of money to Cheritz if they brought out a complete version of Mystic Messenger on pc or switch that i could play in my own time. 
    All extra routes could be dlc and stuff. Mainly cause I want to play it all again but do not have the time or energy to wake up at 3am to talk to fictional men.

  6. Today was so much fun, was working at an anime con in Brighton.Pretty much had a full audience for our stage performance and 4 fully sold out maid cafe slots. Sold out of pretty much everything.  Got to meet the nicest people ever and the even though i forgot half my dance in the cafe slot people still seemed to enjoy it? This was so fun but tiring. Time to pack for the 13hour journey home tomorrow

  7. Just home from seeing the one piece movie. No one else showed up so it was just me and my friends in cinema.

    The movie was absolutely beautiful was art and elements reminding me of borh summer wars and madoka magicka.  The amount of easter eggs and flashbacks was amazing and i love Uta so much.

    1. Animedragon


      So you got your own private showing with no one else talking or nosily eating popcorn during the movie. 😄

    2. TheSmolestAnimeNerd


      It was fucking class

  8. movies - Maquia when the promised flowers blooms Hotarubi no Mori E
  9. Going to comic con tomorrow and i dont have a cosplay. i dont feel comfy in any of the ones i took to viencon and then i get go see the one piece movie in the cinema on sunday. Actually might cry in the cinema

  10. watching - a couple of cuckoos (might drop not wowing - post rom com suggestions please) - one piece - im a villaness so im taming the final boss plan to watch - bibliophile princess - akiba maid war - the quintessential quintuplets
  11. when you find a new anime you want to watch, but its on a streaming site you dont have and you dont want to pay for yet another subscription to watch it.

    1. Soramee_


      That’s basically what always happen for me

  12. just started the anime - a couple of cuckoos - not even half way through the first episode and i can tell exactly where this is going

    1. Ohayotaku


      I watched the first ep, but decided  not to continue. Not necessarily bad, but too many other series that seem a better fit for me.

    2. TheSmolestAnimeNerd


      honestly i get that, im gonna give it til a couple more eps, i dont think its going to Wow me if im honest but hoping to be plesantly surprised?

  13. burnt out from work. time for ff14 and anime i think

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