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  1. Well this is awkward.

    1. brycec


      Certainly is. Maybe you have a worshipper.

    2. Wodahs


      Wedgy your only allowed one account :P

    3. Wedgy


      Not me mate I swear XD

  2. Honestly, Naruto had a big impact on my life and it still does. I started watching when I was in sixth grade, basically the same age he was when the anime started. Naruto was so troubled and alone yet he wanted to prove himself to others to be recognized. As he set his goal and worked his butt off to achieve it, he met so many amazing and supportive friends and his goal wasn't to just be recognized but to always protect and fight those near and dear to him. It always picks me up when I'm down and has so many feeeels ahhhh. The nostalgia punches me in the face. And the characters and their deve
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