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    my all time favorite is Inosuke.
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  1. right now i just finished the new first episode of Chainsaw Man on Hulu and it was actually pretty good. The opening song really caught my eye it wasn’t one of those openings where you want to skip it and watch the episode again. it was really nice to watch and the design of just everything? love ittt. https://youtu.be/dFlDRhvM4L0
  2. this is one of the more soft core ecchi anime that i like, any other ecchi is too much for me lol
  3. i'm so freaking excited for Halloween this year, especially since i turn 21 just 4 days before lol i'm going to be hitting every spooky bar in miami. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday ever since i can remember, every year i dress up for it. it's like a little tradition of mine to go all out every year. last year i dressed up as a possessed nun. this year i think i'm going with a classic, Mai Sakurajima.
  4. i've never heard of any of the ones you mentioned, gonna have to add them to my list and check them out. also there's a FINAL final season? aot really said sikeeee with season 4 lol but i was so eager to finish it because watching towards the end had me in a hell of a emotion roller coaster with eren. also unpopular opinion but; i disliked gabi so much for some reason, did not enjoy watching her
  5. it's currently 2:26 and i for whatever reason cannot sleep. looks like another looong night.

    1. Animedragon


      That happened to me last night, so I powered up the PC checked out my social media sites and watched a couple of YouTube videos and the night soon passed.

    2. viruxx


      Sounds like the kind of nights I usually have. I always wait until I should be getting ready for bed to start going down rabbit holes, and next thing I know, it's after 2 AM.

      Or just the good ol' fashioned anxiety demons once in a while. 😅

  6. So, I'm coming back here because last time I posted a reply I was watching AoT and I finally finished it. I really liked it but season 4 was one hell of a roller coaster for me. Def a big love/hate relationship with Eren, but all in all really good anime. I love how they had 9 different Titans with all cool powers. My favorite is the Jaw Titan, it moves so quick and it reminds me of a lion lol I started watching Gate today and so far so good. What I know up until now (FIRST EP SPOILERS) is that it's about an otaku who became first lieutenant because he saved half a city from an invasion from creatures that came through a mysterious portal that appeared out of nowhere in the middle of Tokyo, with his knowledge in video games similar to the situation he was in, Yoji (the otaku) led citizens to safety. The japanese military then proceeds to march into the portal or as I should say "The Gate" 3 months later to learn further more about their new enemy. Their enemies were literally a mix of soldiers, demons, goblins, dragons, etc. So far sooo good.
  7. Since the ecchi genre is at the bottom for me I don't really know what a true ecchi anime would look like T^T That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime was too much for me and How Not to Summon a Demon Lord was wayyy too much lol. Rosario Vampire is pretty ecchi too I would say at least for me if that genre is of your preference then you would like it. The story line is actually good. Yea right? I get a little embarrassed when I watch sexually suggestive scenes in anime so Rosario Vampire was a lot for me get through watching lol
  8. I don't really enjoy watching ecchi anime but here are some I kind of liked; That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Rosario Vampire, Mushoku Tensei, and How Not to Summon a Demon Lord.
  9. Kaguya is such a good anime, I had such a good time watching it. I also cried a little lol
  10. Welcome ! Hope we can be friends & talk anime.
  11. The first manga I ever read was back when I was in 4th grade, my elementary library would let us borrow books every week so one day I was exploring the library for new books on insects but I stumbled upon a small rotating rack with all manga on it. The first one I picked up was Tokyo Mew Mew, I was so fascinated by the art work on the cover I completely forgot I was looking for books on insects lol. So I grabbed that one and Kingdom of Hearts manga as hell.
  12. No way, I’ve completely forgot about this manga/anime. All the youtube videos I would watch of the cheerleading dances and edits lol they were truly my fav. and their opening song is top tier idc what anyone says.
  13. I know this is going to sound crazy, I’ve never watched fruits basket. Not the old one or the new one. I always try but I never seem to get past the first episode, and I don’t know why. I don’t get bored or anything. & I feel you, Im not a fan on super sad anime either but Clannad really makes you feel connected to the characters Like you actually start to care about what happens to them Ah yes, Fushigi Yuugi. My all time favorite anime, the manga was so fire too. The anime is just as good tho you should definitely have a look at it! It’s old school but worth watching. It has a really good story line & the character’s design is my favorite. I really love 1970s-1990s anime look.
  14. Fushigi yuugi is my all time favorite, I’be looked for and watched anime’s similar to the story line & the historical aspect of the anime but nothing beats it. They really outdid themselves with the story line & characters. Clannad was a very beautiful anime but super heart breaking, I’m so glad it was all a dream. I don’t think i cried so much before watching an anime.
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