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    Android 17, Android 18, Super Android 17 (DBGT), Kiba (Wolf's Rain), Vincent Law (Ergo Proxy), Re-l Mayer (Ergo Proxy), Ralph Werec (Str.A.In), Sara Werec (Str.A.In), Joshua Christopher (Chrono Crusade), Rosette Christopher (Chrono Crusade)
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    Squall(FF8), Seifer(FF8), Rinoa(FF8) Rei, Thouzer, Kenshiro, Android 17, Android 18, Trunks, Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, Mystic Gohan, Vegeta
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  1. I actually didn't know that. That's unfortunate.
  2. lol Really? I didn't see it, I'm just a fan of the Red-Eyes archetype. I'm about to make a Bakura sig pic and avatar though because I'm really getting into the Fiends lately. No rest for the wicked, right? XD And thanks! ^^ Ok, so, given that Dark Necrofear is Yami Bakura's ace monster (or at least in Battle City it was), I found both a render of him and the Fiend. I hope it looks ok, the Yami Bakura render kind of got weird as I made it smaller though. But it was the best one to use with Necrofear. Oh, and the wallpaper I'm using for my profile cofer pic. N'joy!
  3. I definitely agree with that. And thanks! ^^
  4. So, I made a Joey avatar and sig pic. Within the dimension parameters that I'm told are allowed, as always. I love making signature images and avatars. I just like to be creative. Don't ask me why. lol Here they are:
  5. I've been Re-watching the first Yu-Gi-Oh! series so I can watch Dark Side of the Dimensions.
  6. After deleting my save data in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution, I've collected the Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode. Next is the Winged Dragon of Ra and Immortal Phoenix (another power-up for Ra). I can't even remember why I started over, but I can say I'm not doing that again. lol
  7. All of Witchblade's soundtrack. All of Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. All of Claymore.
  8. In Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution I've found that, after a set number of wins and losses each, you stop getting cards for rewards in the Story duels. Before the cut off point, you get cards and points for booster packs as rewards, ones for winning, and ones for losing, both separately... I think. I don't think they're combined. It'd suck if it was combined, because you only get 1 card when you lose and at least 3 if you win, so maybe I'm just hoping you have to lose a certain number of times and win a certain number of times, separately. I just played out the very first Tutorial in the original series' stories. It took a lot of wins, since it's a tutorial it's literally impossible to lose though, so I can't get cards for losing that one. The cards themselves seem to vary as far as the rewards, but mostly cards that the opponent had in their deck, if I'm not mistaken. You are able to swap the duelists though, so you can play as each of the duelists in the story duel. The dialog remains the same though, but it's a neat feature to try to get different cards for each, separate cut off points for each character's rewards though. So that's awesome. I still don't have absolutely all of the Harpie Lady cards, since there's something called a Challenge where you have to duel a real expert Mai with a badass deck, and I just don't have the cards to do that just yet. Maybe soon, but not yet.
  9. Welcome to AF, @Key Visual . I hope to see you around more in the future, too. There's a little something for everyone's interests here. ^^
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