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  1. Welcome to the forum. I hope you decide to stick around. ^^
  2. Oh, ok. I do plan on getting a few items for the stronger weapons from enemies though via Mug as well, so I might hold off on leveling up until I do that.
  3. Huh. That's interesting. I was under the impression that bosses also leveled up with your characters. At least that's been my experience.
  4. What do you mean it scales? I've never really understood what that meant.
  5. Maybe. I hope so. The last time I attempted to go through the game at a full party of Level 100 it definitely didn't turn out well at all. lol Though I have a grasp of the Junction system now, I'm just hoping I can get my hands one some good Spells like Ultima. I love that one. ^^
  6. In Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on Switch I've collected 100 Death Stones from refining 10 Elnoyle cards I got as a rare result from using Card on Bite Bug. Just in case, I've stocked 10 Elnoyle cards for refining into more Death Stones later on in addition to the 10 I've already refined. It turns out if you have 100 cards of the a monster and you use Card on it you get only the rare card result. Not all monsters transform into a rare Card though, like Fastitocalon-F. Unfortunately sometimes Card doesn't work though when that's the case, but that's what the Life magic is for. ^^ One thing about this game I love is the infinite supply of magic you can Draw or refine from items in this game. I've collected 5 Jumbo Cards as the rare transformation of Glacial Eye via the Card ability, too. Right now I'm working on getting 5 Trauma cards from Caterchipillar as the rare result from using Card on it. It's taking a lot longer since Caterchipillar can cast Berserk sometimes with Ultra Waves when its HP is low. You need to reduce a monster's HP first in order to use Card on them to turn them into Triple Triad cards. It's worth it though since the card has some considerable numbers on it, especially this early in the game. ^^ I save after each Caterchipillar encounter so I don't gain any experience points until I absolutely want to. lol Maybe I'm too intimidated by it, but either way, I'd rather not find myself in a situation I regret getting into only to find that I have no way out of it. ><
  7. Evil villain. They have more fun. lol Having too much empathy or not having any?
  8. Roasting marshmellows over a fire on a cold night. ^^ Car or motorcycle?
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