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  1. Granted, but you won't wake up. I wish my cat wasn't so complicated, like they all are. lol
  2. No, unfortunately I don't. I never got the hang of reading music. I'd want to play the piano though. What do you think about climate change? Are we too late to try to make a difference?
  3. Video games. I've probably got too many of them. lol How long do you expect to live to? Like, what age can you see yourself at in the foreseeable future?
  4. Some flavored water. I like a wide variety of flavors though, so it's not just one. What do you think big will happen next year (if anything)?
  5. I've re-refined the cards needed for Squall's Punishment weapon, no I'm just working on getting the materials for Quistis' ultimate weapon, Save the Queen. I just need 3 more Sharp Spikes and 4 Energy Crystals. I had her learn Bad Breath from the first Malboro Tentacle though so I need to refine 2 more of those from 8 Malboro cards, 4 per tentacle. So, I'm pretty close to getting her final weapon upgrade before even entering the Fire Cavern to subdue Ifrit. A low level game works, but a high level game is still winnable. ^^ CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! lol
  6. Some artists I've revisited are: Pantera In This Moment Bullet For My Valentine Earshot Combichrist They're all on playlists on my iPod that have multiple, or in some cases all of the albums of particular artists so I can really only list the artists.
  7. I'm feeling ok. I might need to go to sleep soon though.
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