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  1. That’s a great idea! I don’t do very much on mine but I have made a few covers. https://m.youtube.com/@oncecloudcake
  2. Blue

    Hi guys!

    Thanks it’s one of my favorite shows @Digimon_Sommelier
  3. Blue

    Hi guys!

    Ha I’ll make sure to watch out lol
  4. Blue

    Hi guys!

    Thank you @Metro I will!
  5. I’m glad there’s a club for this- idk if I’m meant to post stuff here I’m pretty new to this whole thing but here we are anyway-
  6. Yeah I really like fire emblem, she’s from the newer three houses which I played but I’m still a firm Lyn fan.
  7. Yep the second is Alicia! But the first is a character called seiros from a fire emblem game it’s a little different from her original design so it’s a bit unrecognisable lol. Thanks though!
  8. Can’t draw hands lol- or eyes for that matter
  9. Blue

    Hi guys!

    Thank you @Animedragon! I will look forward to it
  10. Blue

    Hi guys!

    Thanks @Ohayotaku I hope so too
  11. Blue

    Hi guys!

    Thank you! @Myouya
  12. Hii people I’m new to this forum thingy so sorry if I post on the wrong reply or something lol. I love anime so I think it would be fun to say hi and chat a bit about it!
  13. Ha… one time I was watching banana fish on a public bus, it was on the last episode and by the end I was crying so much the bus driver actually got up to ask if I was ok. I was so embarrassed I got off the bus and had to wait for the next one… I don’t know if that counts lol…
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