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  1. Ha I’ll make sure to watch out lol 😂 

    On 11/29/2022 at 12:29 PM, Otaking66lives said:

    Welcome to the Insanity! Enjoy your time here, just watch out for *ducks flying Mi-go*. Dammit! Who keeps opening THAT door?? *chases after the escapee while yelling* Anyways, welcome!!


  2. Yeah I really like fire emblem, she’s from the newer three houses which I played but I’m still a firm Lyn fan.

    2 minutes ago, Ohayotaku said:

    I haven’t played the more recent Fire Emblem games, so not familiar with her. Lyndis, Eliwood & Hector are probably my favorite characters. (Apologies for going off topic)


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  3. Yep the second is Alicia! But the first is a character called seiros from a fire emblem game it’s a little different from her original design so it’s a bit unrecognisable lol. Thanks though!

    5 minutes ago, Ohayotaku said:

    Still better than I’m capable of 😂

    I recognize the 2nd drawing as Alicia from Aria (or else I’m embarrassed :P ) Is the 1st one an original character?

    Quite a few characters where that wouldn’t be an issue (Brock, Guila, Mitsune, etc. ) 😑


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