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  1. 15 days of a surprisingly wonderful mood I've been in. Had one small hiccup going on right now which was bound to happen at some point since no one is perfect. I will not let it get to me thus same as my dreams and just move on and smile since I know if I can make my mood last 15 days long I can get passed this and keep going strong. Hope everyone is doing well and having a nice month to the new year so far~ 

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    2. brycec


      @Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon Easiest way is to go to your own profile. I am not sure if it still works, but there was a way to do it on the front page. The problem with that was the text was not readable while typing, so your profile is the easiest.

    3. Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon

      Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon

      @brycec I don't have the text box on my profile.

    4. brycec


      @Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon I see, so you do not see something like this?


      It looks like the capability to do status updates is available on the font page of the community. Hopefully, the font color problem has been fixed in that text area though.

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