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  1. @Vivi Hyuuga I'm very sorry about your sister and her nightmare problem I feel for her and know what she's going through. It can also be tough on the family like it is for mine them "trying" there best to help me and comfort me, thus they can only do so much.  Also sometimes its hard for me to talk about my dreams to people since I'm afraid what they will think if I told them the stuff I dream about.. ( family and my psychiatric  said it might help if I talk, write ,and even draw it out, but I'm too scared to to be honest about it. maybe sometime I can but for now I choose not too.. (( sorry if that's bad )) ) But it is what it is and only have nightmares for two reasons. 1 being my imagination is very strong since I'm a creative person and 2 from some traumatic and mild things happening in my life growing up through my teens and early twenties. So yeah I've had issues with my dreaming for some time. It got worse sadly after graduating high school for myself.

    But I can say now I'm doing more better lately since I do and think positive things more plus I'm not sure how to explain it but I fight back best I can and don't let the dreams bother me during the day. For your sister and others it's different but I hope that she does not get them a lot no more and maybe having you and the rest of your family there supporting her best you can will help her. You could talk to a doctor more about it for other methods you have not tried to help ease them and not happen or happen so much. Just a thought and you don't have to take my advice. I wish you and your sister all the best. Sending you LOTS of good and positive vibes your way~


    @Mars Terra Thank you for saying that Mars that is very kind of you for saying that. ^,.,^ and yeah it is hard for me at least I know.. :-/

    I live in Central eastern time zone for me, also good to hear you were alright that night.


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  2. @Mars Terra @Rudilla Maybe you both have some sleeping problems like Insomnia. I have it myself and before I always thought it was just normal to wake up at those times sometimes or couldn't fall back asleep. Maybe check it out with a doctor if it gets worse, just a thought is all. You don't have to listen to me or take my advice, just trying to help is all. I take medication for my sleeping issues plus for other reasons since I suffer from chronic nightmares but a lot of the time the medication does not always work for myself and I find myself waking up around 4 or 5 AM. Sometimes even being up at midnight staying up till 4 or 5 AM then getting only an hour of sleep again. For me it's different like everyone is different but doesn't hurt to check with your guys doctors if maybe they can help you both out.  Also there is no shame in taking medication even though it sucks taking a pill a lot but if it helps you then it's worth it. 


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  3. Hey Rye dear, I'm sorry about your beloved dog. I too last year lost two of my dogs from old age sadly. I know the pain of it and know how you feel.. Our first Golden we ever owned had cancer later on in her life, she was 8 yrs old. We had to rush to the vet in the middle of dinner one day since she puked up blood. It was a really hard moment for all of us and we had to put her alseep that day. Tis a sad thing to see our pets sick or just becoming older since we know there time will come just like ours. But I think death is another part of our journey so really it's not the end of our stories. ( In my opinion ) Hang in there the best you can and know one day you will see your dog again. It's a new year yes and hopefully thing's go wonderful  for you this year and remembr to keep like you just said to breath and like Dory just keep swimming. Sending you good and posiive vibes your way Rye dear~ Take care and gave a good rest of the day. < 3 

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  4. Well Rye dear I've always enjoyed reading your entry's for your blog and wow that must be exciting to be 18 and almost done with high school then off to collage soon. True it can be hard if your going into collage and your the type of person who is involved a lot with there family, I am as well. I never got to go to collage myself due to money issues really but even though it might be hard or a little scary at first you should still go and try. It's a great opportunity to achieve your goals and do whatever you want to do job wise or for a career for your future. I think your a really smart gal even if your younger and can do this. I didn't move out right away myself as well from home, but I found out it isn't so bad and maybe just find a roommate that can help fill the gap if your lonely ever or tight on money. So then you don't have to do it all on your own, just a thought though for advice. I really wish you all the best luck your a wonderful person Rye dear and deserve the best and most of all to be happy. Don't worry if you don't watch anime a lot or even no more. It's not a bad thing I think, personally.

    True it is apart of your childhood as well as mine. But does not mean you need to watch it all the time. I don't and do it sometimes since I have other passions of mine I enjoy. But I still support it and others since I grew up with it, so don't feel bad if you do about it. And yeah I've noticed your busy more which is alright since that's life everyone has lives to live and it can get busy so no worries there. Do miss you though girl. Heh, cooking is still not my best strong suit ever since moving out, but I've been practicing more and learning what I can so don't give up with that you'll get there. Well please take care Rye dear and if you ever need anything or want to chat feel free to message me. Be happy to talk to you or help if I can in anyway.

    Sending much love and positive and good vibes your way~ <3



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  5. Again well said and brilliant entry  Rey Dear. <3 I commend you of telling us this or at least some of us about yourself and your life when you were younger. I tell some people about my past with relationships I've been in and tried though some is personal so I wont probably explain too much about it but you given me strength to speak about it. So thank you for that. ((hugs)) I've only been in two really and my first ever one was in my late twenties. I never really knew what it was like to be in a relationship with someone or even be with a guy. So I was all new to it. It was going alright I thought at first and then learned it was not the case at all and turned really ugly is all I can say.. Was really hard on me and I had to leave since I really had too since it was very toxic. But I learned a lot from it and what I want and don't want from a guy. That was in person and the other one I met online so dated him for 4 months then he left saying he wanted his ex back and could not stop thinking of her. I felt really crushed and even more crushed when never once he said he does care or did but just can't no more with me.. I always felt after that I was just a second choice to him and just an a experiment for him to try and move on from his ex. But I really don't know the truth even to this day. Who really knows what happen or what he was thinking or if I ever met to him. I also learned a lot from it as well.

    For you meeting someone online is pretty cool. Most people would not do that but I don't think its wrong to try it. My mother and now step father met online and still are happily marred for 17 years coming up this December. They made it work and it is living proof LDR can work out. But still its my opinion but really I think it can work if people have trust, communicate with each other and are on the same page. Plus other things as well. I'm sorry you got cheated on that's horrible and I don't like when people do that since it totally disrespects the person your with and shows you that they really don't care  for you at all. If you truly loved the person your with you would never do that or even think that. Again my opinion. But true if you ever do meet someone online again I don't think it would be bad to try again but its up to you and what you truly want. By you saying you were 15-16 years old at the time I'm guessing your still pretty young, and have so much more to  learn and experience in life. VERY true and 1000% agree with you. You need to love yourself first before you could ever love another that's really important. I used to not love myself at all really but now I do, then  when I was younger. I still have off days since no one is prefect but I really love myself more  and proud of what I've became since all the stuff I've been through the good and the bad.  Your are really a wonderful person Rye and I love reading your entry's on here and learning more about you or what your opinions on stuff is. Things will go good for you I just know it,  your really full of life and I think strong as a person. Plus very smart for your age.

    Well take care Rye dear and thanks again for a lovely entry for your blog~ <3 

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  6. Feeling fine is still good and better than not feeling alright at all, that's good as well your not always down too. It's pretty tough really at times for some people who are down a lot and we have to do out best to keep on going and take one day at a time, that's all we can do really to be honest. It's also wonderful for you to talk to someone new that's always a nice thing feeling and pretty cool that you met a new person that you could become friends with. School can be like meh whatever at times. I used to be lazy  in a way as well but managed it more and got through it and just bared with it. Once you finish school it can get better or you and also that sense of accomplishment can come into play because you finished school. ( that's what happen to me at least ) Then there is sleep which is  VERY important you get the proper rest when you can since it can effect you with your studies, health, and other things. Lastly that's really  good over all your health is doing well and nice to see your entry for your blog on here. I hope to read more of your entry's soon. Please take care and sending good and positive vibes your way~

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  7. Sometimes it is hard to always look on the bright side of things or to stay positive and there is nothing wrong with that, we are human after all and no one is perfect. I hope though you feel better soon and keep hanging in there. People care for you and your well liked I think, family and friends love you. I have to admit this place dose feel like home and also so welcoming of its members and I'm glad I joined it, cause I feel a part of something.. Always keep talking with your family and friends though for advice  or to vent because they are there for you and care for your well being and want you happy. Also do things that make you happy so your feel more better that always helps me.

    But if you ever need to talk about anything I'm here for you and you have my support and I got your back. But don't worry this feeling right now will pass as for us all who feel like this even me. Sending you good and positive vibes your way~

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  8. I like this post you made. I would really love to try sometime to play D&D. But.. I don't know anyone around me who likes and plays it and as well teach me to play. Sounds all fun to me to be honest. I have heard you can do it online on video / voice chats but not sure if it works like the real thing or not. But have seen people play the game on streams. 

  9. Well said Rye very well said. I give this a BIG gold metal for this topic.:) I struggle with mental health issues  ever since I was 13 years old. I know how hard it can be and effect daily living. I also heard many times from many people over the years about "Its okay" or "Everything is going be fine" It's hard since I heard it so much to really feel better or really know it will all become better soon. But your right about the better job in comforting people who struggle with these stuff, and agree on "We give advice only when we are ask to."  Brilliant and well spoken. Thank you for writing this post and stay awesome and well Rye dear.

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