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  1. When In school people always thought that was a really lame  and nerdy thing to get into and like. Some thought it was hentai at times and others thought it was stupid and no point of having it, I guess It depends on the person. I don't see any harm in liking anime and getting into it. It's for all ages I think and anyone can enjoy them.


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  2. My favorite game of all time is Okami HD. The story, graphics, and even the music are just stunning and gorgeous <3 I highly recommend this (y) if you like drawing and Asian culture. It also has a unique fighting system as well that is quite interesting and fun I think.  


    As for other games I pretty much like to try anything and like many other games as well. I play on PS4 , PC , And sometimes Nintendo 3Ds XL.

  3. @Mars Terra Not sure if this counts but here are some I got close to finishing.:?

    ✿ Puella Magi Madoka Magica ( 1 season ) FINISHED

    ✿ Cardcaptor Sakura ( 1 season )

    ✿ Salior Moon ( 1 season )

    ✿ Tweeny Witches ( 1 season ) - Re- watching it now to try and finish it. 

    Also I watched all these a long time ago so I would have to re- watch them all to finish them and will be soon, since there on my watch list. 


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  4. @Beocat Yeah same and when I first heard it I was like. " That really makes sense and is true." So I just remind myself there is still MORE people out there to meet even though for a long time I always met the "wrong" types of people or the ones who let me down and hurt me. I shouldn't give up and no one else too. 


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