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  1. When In school people always thought that was a really lame  and nerdy thing to get into and like. Some thought it was hentai at times and others thought it was stupid and no point of having it, I guess It depends on the person. I don't see any harm in liking anime and getting into it. It's for all ages I think and anyone can enjoy them.


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  2. My favorite game of all time is Okami HD. The story, graphics, and even the music are just stunning and gorgeous <3 I highly recommend this (y) if you like drawing and Asian culture. It also has a unique fighting system as well that is quite interesting and fun I think.  


    As for other games I pretty much like to try anything and like many other games as well. I play on PS4 , PC , And sometimes Nintendo 3Ds XL.

  3. @Mars Terra Not sure if this counts but here are some I got close to finishing.:?

    ✿ Puella Magi Madoka Magica ( 1 season ) FINISHED

    ✿ Cardcaptor Sakura ( 1 season )

    ✿ Salior Moon ( 1 season )

    ✿ Tweeny Witches ( 1 season ) - Re- watching it now to try and finish it. 

    Also I watched all these a long time ago so I would have to re- watch them all to finish them and will be soon, since there on my watch list. 


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  4. 1. )  Over the years I used to be not a neat and tidy person. Kind of lazy I have to admit when it came to cleaning. But now I've been cleaning more and keeping things neat and tidy. In a way became a neat freak after some time. Plus I wanted to clean more to keep bugs away more.. Spiders.. >,.,.> In my apartment. 

    2. )  I've became more active and been taking better care of my health, by healthy eating and working out.

    3. )  I'm a VERY positive person now after a while and like to look on the bright side of things more than dwell on the negative, so I try to stay away from negative things and people. 

    4.)  I'm still not so good in social situations and being around people in person and online so I'm very cautious and shy / scared  when speaking with people. I've been working hard  though on over coming it better. 

    5. )  I like watching real life events that happen in the past  history wise ( war movies  and other kinds ) in movies and t and television shows.


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  5. @Beocat Yeah same and when I first heard it I was like. " That really makes sense and is true." So I just remind myself there is still MORE people out there to meet even though for a long time I always met the "wrong" types of people or the ones who let me down and hurt me. I shouldn't give up and no one else too. 


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