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  1. What's your favorite flavor cookie?
  2. I have not yet try it but if I did I start with the tail first.
  3. @Rudilla Awesome choice and still need to read the version I have. The Hobbit & LOTR's FTW~
  4. @Rudilla Ah I see well thanks for the information about it, I appreciate it.
  5. @Rudilla Aww kawaii I love it and like that Pokemon since it's pretty I think. Great job on it! I heard of Maria Run is it good or take up too much memory?
  6. @RyePotatoes Everyone gets along with you dear since your the Potato Queen~
  7. @RyePotatoes Heh I see.
  8. I'm not sure where to post this so I posted it here in "Chit Chat" If it needs to be removed I understand and apologize for it. I was just curious if anyone likes AMV's and Multifandom's on YouTube? I've never heard of them for a long time but then recently probably after school learned more about them. My own sister made some of her show she was into so I thought I make a thread asking and also sharing favorite AMV's and Multifandom's on here. Just note some of them are of a mature subject matter and I advise you too keep it clean if possible for those types since we should respect the rules of the forum, thank you~ Here are two I really like so far:
  9. Title speaks for it self and just was curious if there are songs that represent your mood your in right now..
  10. There is a purpose for those who wait and I just got to keep holding onto that and hope itself and know there are better things to come for me.. Just got to keep holding on..


  11. I feel real good right now and have hope again but still some lingering doubts about a few things.. Normal I guess to feel.
  12. @Dojikko Your most welcome and I am,really just who I am as a person, heh. Take care~
  13. Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom Trailer comes out soon and I can't wait......! <3



      Just saw it released today, haven't seen it yet though. I loved the last movie, really excited to see this one. :D 

  14. @Random Marshmallow Yeah I guess I am, heh ^^;; Also Blood C isn't for everyone that part is true just like movies I can watch almost any kind. I didn't think it was that bad blood and gore wise but that's just me and my opinion. But I didn't really care for that I just liked the story in all honestly.
  15. I wanted to make this thread just out of curiosity if anyone had a favorite book they read? What is your favorite book? What do you like about it? My favorite book would be the Hero series by: Jennifer Li Shotz. What I like about it is that's about a boy and his dog or "man's best friend" go on adventures together and Hero the dog is a search rescue dog and helps rescue people in disasters. It's about him and his owner journey through obstacles they have to face in every day life or what the worst could happen. Not sure why I just really enjoy it and found it by chance while at the store and fell in love with the story. I wrote more about it in the "What book you are currently reading" thread. If you like to find out a little more information or just look online really. But I love it and it's one of my favorites, I'll probably have more favorites but for right now it's this one. Stamp made by me.
  16. What is something you can't live without?
  17. For me I would have to say it opened my eyes to the world more and learning about a different culture. I think it helps me express myself more and makes me more happy and brings joy into my life since I am also half Japanese and makes me feel closer to my heritage and my grandma. I'm proud of who I am and anime has changed me and also helped me over time to not be afraid to be myself and not care what other think of me since I like what I like and I'm just myself. Thus I think that's important to just be yourself, in my opinion. I have met a few people who were interested in anime and the Japanese culture itself which was pretty cool. So it was nice I had a few people I could chat about it with but over all it has made me more open and optimistic about life and different cultures.
  18. @RyePotatoes I think that would count for my opinion I have yet to try it myself looks kawaii though. Having a cat as a child...hmm...
  19. UPDATE: Thank you for everyone's advice and how they deal with it if your in a slump or anime block. I am watching anime again but taking my time with it, and also currently making a list of what to watch next after I finish the one I'm watching now which is. Little Witch Academia on Netflix season 2. Take care everyone~
  20. I have social anxiety myself and it can be pretty hard for me most days, but I am getting better though managing it so you can too. But yeah on the internet it is nice since you can find places like this who share the same interests as you. But it is also better to find people in person I think in my opinion. Though where I live sadly there isn't or I have not met none yet. But who knows things can happen. Have a wonderful rest of the day~
  21. Greetings Mellow and welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your stay here and I think it's pretty cool your friends with Soulless here and joined as well. Friends joining the same place is pretty cool, I think. Please take care and have a wonderful rest of the day~
  22. Welcome to the forum I hope you enjoy your stay here and please take care and have a wonderful day~
  23. @Optic Well downtime and stuff like this happens on forums or websites so it's alright if it goes offline or things need to be fix since it can be a hard job at times to maintain the place and keep it nice and things organized. I think your doing a great job still mantianing this place.
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