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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who Celebrates it~

    1. mechaBD


      Happy thanksgiving to you as well!



      And the same to you!


  2. @txGemgal3084 Thank you for the information.
  3. I just look up website online to watch anime since I don't really have a certain place I watch them. I don't have curnchyroll since I can't afford the membership. But I could try the other website you gave me. Thank you.
  4. I still need to watch it I looked into it though it looks really good in my opinion. Though not sure where to watch it on..
  5. Welcome to the forum I hope your enjoying your stay here so far, see you around.
  6. Aisaka.Taiga_600.670236.jpg.f6ce91f93d0b2d0f0d69c88e58ed0dc8.jpg

    I woke up feeling alright so far and hoping today will be a decent one if not a great one again. I can't even believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Time sure flies.. Or even this whole year it seemed like, for me at least. I'm spending time tomorrow with my step family plus mine for it. I really hope it goes well and also having fun during my time there. 

    1. brycec


      Time feels a bit slow to me right now, but it has definitely flown by. I hope things go well for you too.

      One things that helps me to enjoy things is to just expect the very minimum and determine if it met that or not.

    2. SleepyLeoulf


      @brycec I see and thank you. 

    3. brycec


      You’re welcome.

  7. I woke up not to long ago so not really sure on how I feel at this moment.. I feel quiet.
  8. I don't really play mobile games to much anymore but would like to get back into it. Only game I have on my phone at the moment is Bejeweled Stars. I play it by myself mostly since I'm not sure how multiplayer works.. Currently stuck on Level 48. ~
  9. Drank: Raspberry lemonade Ate: A cheeseburger
  10. My family and myself used to go to the stores on Black Friday but I don't no more and my folks sometimes go some years..
  11. I watched The girl who leapt through time anime and felt disappointed in the end of it. I was soooo wanting the second main character to stay with the main girl but they had to part ways and had no choice. Maybe they can reunite but not sure. I loved them both a lot and they liked each other as well. *fan girls sighs of thinking of people in love* I was disappointed and crushed since since they were so cute them together, It was a really good anime I thought. Will watch it again sometime soon.
  12. I watched a few anime's while being on AF before, then stopped for a bit trying to figure out what to watch next. 1. Blood C 2. Blood C: The Last Dark 3. Miss Hokusai 4. Started: Tokyo ESP on Episode 6. That's what I finished or started watching so far. I'm now going watch one I did watch a long time ago but thought I give it another go once more since I loved it a lot. TORADORA!
  13. Another bad night of sleeping, but I won't let that ruin my day. Smile, breath, and focus on the day at hand.. Keep my mind occupied most of all busy, and keep on siwming even if its treacherous waters up a head. Let do this.. Focus... 



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    2. SleepyLeoulf


      @Vivi Hyuuga I see, I have bad night's pretty much ALL the time since I suffer with insomnia and take medication for it but also have chronic nightmares to do my past and just also my strong imagination. It really does suck but I've been dealing with it my whole life. Though it got more intense after I finished high school. But I'm learning to live with it since there really isnt much anyone can do for me for my dreams that is.. But I try to do positive things and also think positive during the day so I don't dream too bad of stuff, It works sometimes.  My step cousin is Autistic and he had a rough time when he got adopted from my step grandparents but improved a lot these past years. I was thinking about getting a hedgehog once but they seem like a lot of work so I deiced not too. That's cool though you have some though. Well I hope your day improves and becomes more relaxing for you. Take care and thank you for the comment. 

    3. Vivi Hyuuga

      Vivi Hyuuga

      That type of severe insomnia sounds so terrible. I have a friend who has it that severe. I have dealt with insomnia some off and one, but with the help of a sleep specialist, I was able to figure out a sleep schedule that my body needs, and since then as long as I stick to that I do fine most of the time. 
      My younger sister started having nightmares due to her worsening health. It's really sad, she's had to sleep with Christmas lights on for over a year now. I feel bad that on top of all her other issues (she goes into anaphylaxis frequently) that she has to deal with that. I can't imagine.
      Yeah, actually my ISFP sister had a really rough time with her autism after a difficult family situation. It's been four years now and she's made a lot of progress!
      Hedgehogs do take a lot more work than people realize! Three of the hedgehogs I have I was given because people could no longer give them the time and attention they need. 

    4. SleepyLeoulf


      @Vivi Hyuuga Yeah it does suck and its hard for me at times, I wont lie. But it is what it is.  I'm sorry about your younger sister that must of been rough. Also good for your other sister that she made a lot of progress that's always good. True, I read up on them but they are cute I think. I have a big heart for all small animals, and owned a lot over the years. My pet rats ( bless them ) had to be put asleep due to tumors and they just got weaker so it had to be done. It was really sad for me to lose them since they helped me a lot they made me smile and laugh but it was there time. But I always remember them each day and what joy they brought me even in my darkest hours.. And very kind of you to take some in since people couldn't care for them. 

  14. Welcome to the forums @Prohyas and true to what Brycec said it is a fairly friendly place and I'v enjoyed my time here so far so I hope you will too. Take care and have a wonderful rest of the day and see you around. Sending you good and positive vibes your way~
  15. @RyePotatoes Thank you I appreciate that, though I don't think they are, heh ^^;; But yeah I just speak my mind is all and your welcome Rye dear~
  16. Yesterday was beyond hard for me and I lost a friend along the way.. All I can say whats done is done and they had to do what's best for them. I see it now more clearly with help from many people including my own sister, so I know why they did and said what the said. I understand it more now. They had to do what's best for them in this time and they thought for me as well. Only thing I feel bad about is they could of just said I need some space for a while from you and then I would respect it and leave them be till they are ready to come back and speak with me. During that time I would of done the same but they choice a different approach and left a note saying goodbye for good and then just leaving me. It hurts and really sucks I wont lie but again they did what they thought was right for them and thinking for me as well. I'm not perfect and made mistakes as well and I own up to them form what happen between us. I hope the best for them I really do just wish it could of worked out since friends I guess in my opinion go through hard times and can get passed it since they are willing to work on it. But I guess some cases that it does not work out and it's best to just leave each other and go on your own ways. They told me to just forget them and that's one thing I wont do. Because they brought me joy in my life again and showed me  kindness and appreciated towards me. I felt alive and accepted once more since before I wasn't and went through a lot of hard and sometimes horrible things in my life. They showed me what life is really about and the things we can do in it. They made me strong and really understand myself better with there advice they gave me. So no I wont EVER forget them since they made a big impacted on my life. In the end all I can say to them is good luck on your journey and I wish you all the best in life. I even thought I was mad at them at first since I had other friends or people who entered my life and left me also like that though for other reasons as well. But then with getting advice from others yesterday I know I'm not mad at them and it had to be done and I understand it now. I'll miss them I'll be honest but it's there choice and I'll respect it. I'm moving on now and maybe down the line meet other people who could be there for me and stay through good times and the bad and be my friend no matter what. No relationship is perfect and there always be hard parts in it that could drift us both apart for a while. But a true friend would make it work and not give up but again some people are not like that and have to leave and do whats best for them or thinking for us both. So... today is a new day and I'm ready to move on and just live life to the fullest even with a smile once more. My last words to them would be: Thank you for all you've done for me good luck with your life and goodbye. 



      I feel very bad for you but I wish you the best, you seem to be taking it very well and you are a kind and understanding person; You inspire me with your attitude, we all go through bad days, some more than others, but you are strong and inspirational. I am glad I met you, thank you for posting everyday and letting your friends and acquaintances alike know how you are doing. I never intend on leaving you and I enjoy helping out or trying the best I can to do so. We all can learn from our experiences but I know some of us waste the chance to do so, I am glad you learn from things especially bad things that happen. We must become stronger from what we experience, I will pray for you and be here for you, have a fantastic day you sassy She-wolf you. ;) 



  17. I just found out something.. I thought was a friend had just left me like many have before them. Again I feel betrayed and alone.. I guess I'm not welcomed anymore anywhere now.. Guess I'm just a screw up after all.. All I can say is I'm sorry and sorry for ruining your life and even coming into it, I'll leave you alone forever if that's your wish..

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    2. brycec


      You don’t really need to feel welcome anywhere. You just need to be happy with and accept yourself, because not everyone will. We all might be deeply flawed creatures that complicate matters because of our emotions and we think there is more to something, but we are all perfect the way we are, even you.

      It does help to have some outside help though, so I would be willing to listen if you need it. Just remember that there might be others that will accept, regardless of whether they just want to remain friends or not.

    3. Ryuji


      Speaking as one who has been on both sides of this, (I've been abandoned by people and I've abandoned people), I must say that sometimes, the people who does the abandoning feel like they are doing what's best for the person. With me, it's usually that feeling that "they'll be better off without me" or "they don't want my friendship" Doesn't matter if it's true or not. I'm well aware of how much it hurts. You'll eventually move on.

      Out of everybody I've abandoned and who have abandoned me, I have never regretted meeting any of them. Each person had a profound effect on my life. I wouldn't be the person I am without them. I'm sure the person who left you felt like they were doing the best thing for you. Not to hurt you but to help you.

      When I got to my darkest place and wanted to end it all, I came to a sudden realization. I don't need anybody to be happy. I can be happy and love myself all on my own. Sure having somebody else is nice but how they treat you shouldn't affect your sense of self-worth. You are special even if the world tells you that you aren't.

      Here's some advice, start your day off with a smile. Read a joke, look at a picture you like, do something silly like pretending your spoon is an airplane. Think about the good things instead of the bad things.

      People are as happy as they choose to be.




    4. SleepyLeoulf


      @Ryuji @brycec I appreciate you both and your advice and take on the manner and you are both right and I agree and understand what you are saying. I had a lot of conversations with people last night about the issue my older sister included and all of you are right. I'm just now going move forward and put this behind me. They did what they had to do and also said what they had to say. Some of it I don't agree since it could of been done a different way but... it was said and now its done. I wont speak ill of them ever and never did. ( If I did somehow I deeply apologize ) but just was hurt since I thought they were my friend or best friend they said to me and would be there even in bad times.. I guess they weren't ready or ready for a friend like me. Again all my opinion and I can be wrong, It's just how I feel is all.. But I did before make myself happy by doing stuff I love so again I'll do that and I don't always need people to make me enjoy my life. True, I wont lie I like having friends still since people can make me happy as well but I know I don't always need that. It will be tough but I know I can get through this and just move on from it. Again thank you all so much for your advice and also trying to help me. Just going do me for a while and if I make another friend then awesome but if not I know I can enjoy life still with not one right away at this time.

  18. Tomorrow is a new dawn and a new day.. just got to hold out till then and move past this feeling. I also appreciate those who are helping me though this time of need, it means a lot. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend everyone~ 

  19. I have to say Saya Kisaragi from Blood C is my role model. In Blood C at first she's sweet, kind, full of life really and just there for her family and friends and cares for them deeply and most of all wants to protect them. Then later on in the series she changes back to her true self and is not like that no more. She's tough, strong, independent, and feels not a lot of emotion. I relate to most of that in some ways. I am strong, independent, tough when need be and don't show too many emotions or I hide them in a way. I do care deep down but it's hard for me since of my own past. And like Saya she's had a tough life herself and trying to figure out who she is and trying to find her purpose. ( I think anyway I could be wrong ) In the show she is fighting a lot with the bad guys in the series and anyone who wrongs her and gets in her way. She just fights to get revenge of who done her wrong and just in her nature to do so. She's an interesting charterer I must say and I like her a lot and the whole series. I hope that this makes sense or is what this topic is about and asking if not I apologize.
  20. 1. I'm multi racial and I'm 7 nationalities combined. Over the years people judged me for how I look, some really liked how looked and thought I was interesting. Then a few others didn't.. Those who didn't made fun of me for it and called me pretty bad names or was racist to me.. It did hurt I wont lie but gotten over it now and I don't really care what people say to me about how I look. But.. sometimes my self esteem is low since people still stare at me but learning to live with it and just forget them and not let it bother me. I am who I am and love myself since I'm so many things, that makes me unique. 2. I have chronic nightmares all the time due to my past mostly and just my strong imagination I have so I'm really creative I think, always have been. The nightmares got worse after high school for me. I want to really write my dreams down ( therapist and family said I should to help me sorta like a therapeutic thing ) to maybe make stories into them or clear my head so I stop thinking about them, since they bother me during the day, sometimes. The ones about other stuff though monsters and so on.. But I haven't yet and sorta scared if I do since people could think its too morbid or something and terrifying that it came from my mind. Heck I could be like the next Steven King, doubt it though.. 3. I'm VERY protective of my family and close friends. I'm not a violent person but I'll do whats necessary to look out for them and protect them. Sorta like a wolf would do for its pack. 4. I'm REALLY fascinated with wolves and Lycanthropes ( werewolves ) a lot. I'm really not sure how I came so fascinated and interested by them, just one day began to like them. I have dreams about them a lot if I am a wolf or just a girl who runs with them. I love all the lore of Lycanthropes really and I also re searching stuff about wolves all the time. There just magnificent beautiful creatures, mysterious, and also misunderstood since people sometimes fear them. It's also sad that there becoming more extinct now, I think I read up on. I think my spirit animal is a wolf really to be honest as well, I know it sounds weird and some of you don't believe in that kind of stuff but I do since I really do have a lot of dreams about them, and in some ways feel contented. That's why you see around my profile on here I call my self a she-wolf since I'm into them, heh. 5. I have a learning disability ( this is sorta hard to admit still even know ) and always had since pre school and finding it out more in kindergarten. They thought It was odd I didn't' get things right away in school like all the other children my age so they did tests on me and found out I had it. I felt bad about it for a long time and felt like I was stupid. I'm NOT at all I'm just a little slower than normal people. It takes me a bit to get or understand stuff at times but I'm still I'm a VERY hard worker and give my best all the time. I never tell a lot of people online or in person this since I'm not sure what they will say.. But true I shouldn't care really what others think, but still.. sometimes is hard for me. Math I suck at the most and sometimes reading with my dyslexia. For reading I'm getting better though math...eh not so much but trying more on my own to learn it. Other than that I'm still smart and wicked good at art and writing related stuff the most. So yeah now you know anyone who reads this on the forum.
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