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  1. Had a rough night again but going try my best to keep pushing on today and make it a great one.
  2. Hmm.. I never really thought about that really, interesting question. I would say maybe I mean its about people coming together to spend time with each other and eat a nice cooked feast I guess you would say. Talking to each other, playing games or even watching football for people in America.. To give thanks for a wonderful year it's been and many other stuff, also thanks for each other as well. I mean I'm probably way wrong but that's just take on it, sorry. Questions: If you had one chance to change something about the world we live in now today what would it be? And it can be anything, but you can only pick one thing..
  3. So close but yet so far.. Good dreams I guess don't exist no more for me and yet another sleepless night to add on the long list. I guess there's next time, I hope for another chance. But over all still going do what I always do and push on making sure this day will be great, or try to at least. Morning everyone~

  4. I love your icon it's so kawaii.~ Welcome to the forum I hope you enjoy your stay here and have a wonderful time as well. Please take care and sending you good vibes your way~
  5. I give it a 8/10. It was interesting and yeah calming a bit. >,.,>.........
  6. Evening has come now and hope I can get through the night ok and sleep better for once, even if it's only one night.. A girl can dream~

  7. Awesome facts about yourself. I might do mine again on here or at least add more, unless I can't.. *shrugs not sure*
  8. Good for you I need to do that more often.. >,.,.> Heh.. Drinking raspberry ice tea.
  9. Doing a lot better than this morning and hoping it continues to last.

  10. Come to the dark side... we have cookies... *thinking in mind*
  11. ....*slight pause*  You really got to just LOVE dreaming... So nice, so wonderful, so.... peaceful.. NOPE, not in my head. (-__-) But I'm doing my best to move past it and just start my day, I just hope its good if not a great day.



      I will pray your dreams get better SleepyLeoulf-san.

      :levi-smile:I am leaving today on a trip, so I'll see you later. Hope you have a great day!

  12. Woke up on and off during the night, dreams...ehh weren't so good so they kept me up a bit. Though I'm going do my best to make this another good day if not great one. Just got to keep swimming as Dory would say..
  13. Well said about the relationship question I agree and get what you mean. And funny about the ^W^ emote you use.. I use ^,.,^ a lot myself idk why I just like it. Question: Do you like monkeys...? >,.,>
  14. Mine are and they're not in order: Scream Kiwi, zmashd, Cute Life Hacks, Hatsy, Markiplier, IHasCupqauke, and Meghan Hughes. They are all the most I like to watch but I do have others I adore as well.
  15. Hmm.. Well just woke up and its 5 AM. In a way still tried but can't really sleep again but excited for what this day brings me and so far content at the moment.
  16. 5 AM.. and awake.. Oh the joy... BUT I'm not letting it bother me since today WILL be another wonderful day and I WILL feel accomplished of things once more as I did yesterday.



      Glad to see you owning life instead of life owning you, amazing determination. :D 

  17. Feeling fine is still good and better than not feeling alright at all, that's good as well your not always down too. It's pretty tough really at times for some people who are down a lot and we have to do out best to keep on going and take one day at a time, that's all we can do really to be honest. It's also wonderful for you to talk to someone new that's always a nice thing feeling and pretty cool that you met a new person that you could become friends with. School can be like meh whatever at times. I used to be lazy in a way as well but managed it more and got through it and just bared with it. Once you finish school it can get better or you and also that sense of accomplishment can come into play because you finished school. ( that's what happen to me at least ) Then there is sleep which is VERY important you get the proper rest when you can since it can effect you with your studies, health, and other things. Lastly that's really good over all your health is doing well and nice to see your entry for your blog on here. I hope to read more of your entry's soon. Please take care and sending good and positive vibes your way~
  18. Sometimes it is hard to always look on the bright side of things or to stay positive and there is nothing wrong with that, we are human after all and no one is perfect. I hope though you feel better soon and keep hanging in there. People care for you and your well liked I think, family and friends love you. I have to admit this place dose feel like home and also so welcoming of its members and I'm glad I joined it, cause I feel a part of something.. Always keep talking with your family and friends though for advice or to vent because they are there for you and care for your well being and want you happy. Also do things that make you happy so your feel more better that always helps me. But if you ever need to talk about anything I'm here for you and you have my support and I got your back. But don't worry this feeling right now will pass as for us all who feel like this even me. Sending you good and positive vibes your way~
  19. 6/10 It was alright but not my cup of tea..
  20. Feeling VERY accomplished today and more content and happy that I got things done today this morning. things are looking up once more and also excited the sun is out~



      Glad to hear it, hope tomorrow will be just as good! I finished touching up my school paper today and its a lot warmer here than yesterday now that the snow has melted. :D 

  21. Dreams are a bit hard for me at the moment. While in high school my dreams got pretty intenser and I had a lot of vivid dreams or lucid kinds all the time. My dreams well.. aren't really pleasant and sometimes I remember them sometimes I don't. I suffer from insomnia so that's another thing with my sleeping issues. I don't really like dreaming so much since they're are always kind of scary in a way or bother me during the day after I wake up. Nightmares are my problem the most right now but I do my best during the day to do positive things and also think positive, so I don't dream like that. True, I do like to watch some scary movies but not all the time. But mostly my dreams are about other things which I don't want to share since its personal. I remember one time I had a good dream a while back about myself walking in a forest with a katana by my side holding like samurai would do and was bare foot and wearing a kimono as well. Then all around me were birds in the sky flying about, while the sun peaked through the tree branches above me lighting up the ground I walked on. It was very quite other than the birds sometimes chirping and just was so peaceful. Then I came across a little stream and then stopped at the edge of it looking down at my reflection and smiling. Afterwords I woke up and smiled since it felt so nice and I felt at peace as well. Sorry if that sounds lame but that was my good dream I had. A bad dream I had once was about me and a group of survivors trying to escape from a heard of zombies coming our way. Then we all went on the roof tops trying to wait it out or find another way to escape them somehow. Everyone was scared in the group including myself then all of a sudden everything goes still and the zombies slowly look towards me with there decaying faces and flesh falling off them. All I remember about it that I was so terrified to move and beyond scared just them starring at me. I woke up that night so afraid to move for a while and sorta was also sweating. So yeah me and dreams don't really mix well but working on it the best I can right now.
  22. Doing A LOT better than yesterday and feeling very accomplished about things I did this morning, right now. I'm pretty content and a bit happy once more.
  23. A lot of things on my mind at the moment sorta overwhelming me. I wish the sun was out to brighten my mood more.. You really got to LOVE emotions..

    1. Tefutakato


      Are you feeling okay now? Or are you still feeling down?



      I hope you feel better soon, for now, we can try to brighten your mood. :D 

      This kind of music always puts me in a good place when I listen to it.

    3. SleepyLeoulf


      @Tefutakato Yes, Thank you I'm doing much better today just sometimes have off days but much better now since I accomplished things this morning. So thank you again for checking on me, I appreciate it. Take care~

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