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  1. I love your answer. I love my animals as well and would do the same. I should of put that myself in my answer too. But yeah I also agree money means nothing and don't think it makes people happy. I just want the simple things in life too since I don't care for being popular. My family I would choose first above all things and that special someone.
  2. For me personally I would pick the person I love more than something I love like a career or job. For me why is I can always get a job or pressure my career again in the future maybe or if not right away find something else to do like a second option for myself. But If I had someone that I was with I would pick them since there important to me. They will always support me in what ever I do and be there for me at the end of the day. Through good and bad times. When I'm with the person I love if the decide to do that to me I would fully respect it if they wanted to do something for there dream. Even though it would suck a bit in my opinion but I want them happy and with there life. I just want the best for them since I love them and still support them still even if something happens between us or becomes different. But yeah I would stay by my loved one more than do a job or a career of my dreams. Maybe that's weird to some but its what I would do and my opinion on it. @Metro Thanks for making this thread its a really good one.
  3. I be shocked and be like "Me? you like me?" Then maybe not sure about self and why you like me. ( something like that idk )
  4. Hero: Rescue Mission by: Jennifer Li Shotz Been SUPER excited to read this book since I've been waiting months for it to come out.
  5. A new month with new possibilities and good things to happen. Just got to remember to always remain strong and most of all positive. 

    1. Time Traveller

      Time Traveller

      It's to stay positive when the month of end-semester college exams start and i didn't studied anything in the whole semester

      gonna study very hard

      thanks for heads-up :)


  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOsM-DYAEhY&list=RDgOsM-DYAEhY
  7. Your most welcome dear and thanks I will.
  8. I watch online anywhere that has them to watch on. Dubbed or Subbed.
  9. Well said Rye very well said. I give this a BIG gold metal for this topic. I struggle with mental health issues ever since I was 13 years old. I know how hard it can be and effect daily living. I also heard many times from many people over the years about "Its okay" or "Everything is going be fine" It's hard since I heard it so much to really feel better or really know it will all become better soon. But your right about the better job in comforting people who struggle with these stuff, and agree on "We give advice only when we are ask to." Brilliant and well spoken. Thank you for writing this post and stay awesome and well Rye dear.
  10. Even though it has been a hard month for me I think I found my smile again and hope that things are looking up and going get more better once again.

    1. Sione


      Awww, hope your day gets better soon Sleepy-chan.

  11. Heh, well yes my dear I would. And cookies are awesome.. o,.,o
  12. I'm a werewolf. Since I both like wolves and also werewolves. They fascinate me ever since I was little. I guess then it would also mean I'm part of the canine family. Hope that answers your question.
  13. I was just curious before the forum changed there was a area that you can put a user title under your name instead of like member of the forum. Is that coming back at all? If not it's alright just thought it be cool to still have that.
  14. In order I like watching movies the most then playing games. I watch tv sometimes and listen to music the same. I don't hate them just not too much into them like most people. I like watching movies by myself or with family. When I was in school I watched some with friends but I always wanted to watch one with the special someone but haven't yet oh well..maybe someday. I hope that answered your question.
  15. I also posted this on here in the "Whats Your Username Mean" Thread. Leo was my dog I had that was given to me when I was diagnosed with depression going into 8th grade. He was my therapy dog and at the time I didn't have friends so my mother thought of getting me a dog to help me and also I would then have a friend. He was my best friend and buddy I had and I was blessed to have him for 13 years. He's in heaven now since he was old and old age cought up with him. I'll never forget him, he helped me out so much growing up. So in honor of him I have that as part of my username. Now the "ulf" part is just represents wolves since I love wolves and always have growing up. I hope that answers your questions.
  16. Stranger Things A Netflix Series I was wondering if there is any fans of this show that aired on Netflix in the year 2016. I have to say this series was really awesome and well made. The story line was incredible and the cast was pretty awesome as well. Each episode kept me asking more questions since you learn things about the characters and the story itself. A bit scary mixed with mystery. ( my opinion ) So does anyone like this series on Netflix? Season 2 is out already on Netflix so... I can't wait to start it up again and see where this takes us more deep into the story. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stranger_Things More about the series.
  17. Been through a lot this month stuck in the dark but not giving up hope with finding the light once more and maybe my smile as well..

    1. Wodahs


      I hope things improve for you

    2. SleepyLeoulf


      Thank you and yes slowly they are, been keeping my mind busy. Also thank you for the follow. 

    3. Time Traveller

      Time Traveller

      Stay tight bro, there can nothing be worse than the worst, nothing is constant and everything changes, so will the hard times. 

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