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  1. I was just curious before the forum changed there was a area that you can put a user title under your name instead of like member of the forum. Is that coming back at all? If not it's alright just thought it be cool to still have that.
  2. In order I like watching movies the most then playing games. I watch tv sometimes and listen to music the same. I don't hate them just not too much into them like most people. I like watching movies by myself or with family. When I was in school I watched some with friends but I always wanted to watch one with the special someone but haven't yet oh well..maybe someday. I hope that answered your question.
  3. I also posted this on here in the "Whats Your Username Mean" Thread. Leo was my dog I had that was given to me when I was diagnosed with depression going into 8th grade. He was my therapy dog and at the time I didn't have friends so my mother thought of getting me a dog to help me and also I would then have a friend. He was my best friend and buddy I had and I was blessed to have him for 13 years. He's in heaven now since he was old and old age cought up with him. I'll never forget him, he helped me out so much growing up. So in honor of him I have that as part of my username. Now the "ulf" part is just represents wolves since I love wolves and always have growing up. I hope that answers your questions.
  4. Stranger Things A Netflix Series I was wondering if there is any fans of this show that aired on Netflix in the year 2016. I have to say this series was really awesome and well made. The story line was incredible and the cast was pretty awesome as well. Each episode kept me asking more questions since you learn things about the characters and the story itself. A bit scary mixed with mystery. ( my opinion ) So does anyone like this series on Netflix? Season 2 is out already on Netflix so... I can't wait to start it up again and see where this takes us more deep into the story. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stranger_Things More about the series.
  5. Been through a lot this month stuck in the dark but not giving up hope with finding the light once more and maybe my smile as well..

    1. Wodahs


      I hope things improve for you

    2. SleepyLeoulf


      Thank you and yes slowly they are, been keeping my mind busy. Also thank you for the follow. 

    3. Time Traveller

      Time Traveller

      Stay tight bro, there can nothing be worse than the worst, nothing is constant and everything changes, so will the hard times. 

  6. You're most welcome, anytime.
  7. SleepyLeoulf


    My mother and my grandparents on her side were smokers. I never liked it and hated to smell of it. I tried to ask my mom a lot when I was little to quit since I was worried for her and her health but she never did. I don't dislike people if they smoke that's there choice. But I don't like the smell of it and ask people if they do to go somewhere else to do it and not in front of me. Or I leave the room myself. My mother after many years quit smoking finally and been free from it for 3 years not almost 4. I'm happy for her since her health improved more. I know smoking is not my thing and will never do it myself.
  8. PlayStation for system and favorite game. Final Fantasy VII. Rating would be 10 out of 10 in my opinion. It had a very good story line and the characters were well thought of. I liked how it looked graphic wise and it had a cool fighting system as well. I never played a game like that before but really enjoyed it growing up. I sadly never finished it but maybe someday play it again. My older sister finished it thought about 4 times since she was a fan of it as well. I hope the re-make will be good when it comes out sometime..
  9. Sometimes we need breaks and there is nothing wrong with that. You did what you felt you needed to do. That's good things are better for you now. Congrats for being in college hope things go well for you. Also good luck on your game and with your story stuff. Please take care and see you around.
  10. PlayStation for system and favorite game, Okami I give it 10 out of 10. Very beautiful scenery in the game, well thought out characters and a interesting and touching story. ( I think ) Also like to add the fighting system is boss. ( My opinion )
  11. Id never would do that even if I have a little grudge I have against them. Prob get over it if not I'll just go my separate way from them if we can fix it. What would you do if got 1 millions dollars?
  12. I was just curious since this is part of the Japanese culture but this also includes, Korean, Chinese, and other Asian country's as well. Does anyone here watch Asian dramas? I never really gotten into them before but thought I give it a go and try it out and watch some recently. I really do enjoy them now even though there from another country's entertainment. It's interesting and also entertaining from any TV or Movies anywhere else. Also pretty cool its whats the latest thing there in their country. So just curious if anyone likes watching them as well. So far I watched: Good Morning Call , Hello My Twenties, season 1 and now on season 2 and lastly Strong Women: Bong Soon. What are your favorites?
  13. I'm not perfect but then who is? I've been through a lot of things my whole life and here to maybe help some people out if they ever need help with anything. Hardships or not I'm a different person that I used to be growing up and became a much stronger person now. I got some advice and wisdom to share so feel free to ask me anything or about myself and again I don't no everything since no one perfect.. Please keep in mind If its too personal of a question that make me uneasy I wont answer so no offense.. But most likely answer to anything. So ask away~
  14. I enjoyed that game as well growing up. I watched my sister play it more than me though, but still had fun playing it myself. I agree with "its beautiful cutscenes, music and character development as well as the world and scenery" What you said.
  15. I was curious on what were peoples first games they ever played in there lives. What was the first game you ever played? How would you rate it out of 10? What system was it on? My first game is Spyro 2 : Ripto's Rage on the PlayStation. I also give it over all a 8 out of 10. The game over all was given to me by my father for Christmas my first video game ever in my life. I enjoyed all my times playing that game and thought it was so awesome and also cute too. Wish I could still play it.
  16. I love to use Photoshop for drawings sometimes or making graphics. I use a mouse when I draw. I never got so used to a tablet so which is why I use a mouse.
  17. It's called Cox it's sometimes ok but it will do for now and cheap I guess..
  18. I sometimes forget but when I do I eat like toast or cereal for breakfast. Sometimes a shake too.
  19. Yeah nothing wrong with that. :3 For me I last bought a book.
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